24 Nov 18

Our “Unarmed Forces”

When a Marine Rifleman, of any rank, painstakingly trained in the Art of Combat Marksmanship, starts believing and spouting anti-gun drivel, it is a yet another sign that this Civilization is in serious decline!

Secretary Mattis said last week:

“Most active-duty troops along our border do not carry firearms.

When they were tasked with protecting CBP (Customs/Border Protection), they will probably use shields and batons.”

“Shields and batons?”

Our glorious US Troops “protect” our borders with shields and batons?

Once again, what is most disturbing is this conspicuous, and all-consuming, lack of trust in our magnificent troopers.

We have been long-assured, ad nauseam, that these troopers have received, at extravagant expense, the best weapons training in the world.

Accordingly, they can competently go armed anywhere, we’re told.

But obviously, from Mattis on down, no one really believes that!

The uncomfortable truth is:

They are all afraid of guns!

Even our officers and staff NCOs are deployed, placed in harm’s way, unarmed. They don’t even carry pistols!

A disgrace, and an extremely dangerous one!

“When you cannot get a loaded gun in your hands within five seconds of perceiving a deadly threat, you’re submerged in self-deception, and the fact that you have a gun ‘somewhere in your life’ is probably meaningless and irrelevant.

The first five seconds are more important than the next five hours!

All our training revolves around those critical “first five seconds!”