27 Nov 18

CNN’s “sheltered perspective:”

Today, two female CNN reporters were “shocked” to see a photo of our General Scott Miller openly carrying an M4 as he is walking (in uniform, with others also in uniform) on the streets of Afghanistan. Miller’s M4 actually has a magazine inserted, and this really “raised eyebrows” in the hallowed halls of CNN!

An American military officer, in uniform, in an area of active fighting, openly carrying an “assault weapon.”

CNN finds this “shocking!”

I wish I were surprised, instead of merely revolted!

Snowflakes at CNN, who in their entire sheltered lives have never had to fight-off anything more dangerous than a mosquito, so self-righteously, so piously critical of this wonderful fighting general!

CNN is too accustomed to interviewing our aging gaggle of remaining grandiloquent “peacetime generals,” who (like CNN reporters) are frightened to death of guns, don’t trust their own troops (even fellow officers and s/NCOs), and are themselves “veterans” of nothing more threatening than polite arguments in university faculty lounges!

Scott obviously represents a new generation of military officers who aren’t afraid of going armed, and CNN can’t stand it!

In September, a WY hunting guide was attacked and killed by a grizzly bear. The deceased guide was carrying a G20 (10mm) in a shoulder-holster when attacked.

Investigators subsequently found the (unfired) G20 in question and discovered that it was unloaded (no round chambered)

There can be no doubt about it:

“Administrative procedures,” that are designed to render soldiers and civilians alike absolutely defenseless, and any firearm to which they may have at least some access, essentially useless, will get that gun-owner, or soldier, stone- dead when evil, uninvited and unexpected, suddenly shows up

… as we see!

These stupid “rules,” designed to do nothing but generate victims, have filtered-down from the edicts of grass-eating “administrators” and “managers” (who care far more about their next promotion than they ever will about your safety), to endanger even those who knowingly go to unsafe places, and should thus know better.

CNN, along with their self-important, liberal flunkies, need to stop presuming to dictate politically-correct “proper procedure” to us who actually do own guns, and do go armed, sometimes in dangerous places, and go back to eating grass in their ivory towers!

We neither need, nor want, their non-authoritative, indeed laughable “advice!”