Monthly Archives: December 2017

New Years

30 Dec 17 “Be alert and of sober mind.” 1 Peter 5:8 New Year’s Eve, 2017 Bringing-in the New Year with much late-night celebrating is a tradition enjoyed by many Americans, and most of the rest of Western Civilization. Far be it from me to rain on anyone’s parade, but here, in my final Quip […]

Back Curve

27 Dec 17 The “Back Curve” “The Earth is round, so that we never see too far down the road.” Karen Blixen Conversations with “precision riflemen” often get into tedious, esoteric mathematical realms, and usually very quickly! Many factors influence the bullet during the brief fraction of a second (sometimes longer) while it is in […]


20 Dec 17 “Yesterday’s ‘Advanced Weapons Platform’ is today’s museum exhibit!” Anon SMGs (Submachine Guns) No self-respecting Western movie-producer would dream of making a movie about WWII (European Theater) without equipping nearly all his actors portraying Wehrmacht (German) soldiers with MP-38 SMGs. The profile is unmistakable! The distribution of MP-38s throughout the actual WWII Wehrmacht […]

Deadly Season!

17 Dec 17 The “Deadly Season!” “‘Advice’ is what we ask for when we already know the answer, but wish we didn’t” Erica Jong The Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in Quetta, Pakistan is that latest Christian target of Islamic terrorism. Despite heavy security, suicide bombers shot their way inside the church this morning, murdering nine […]

When we “Go to Guns!”

14 Dec 17 “When I’m dead, I’d rather people ask why I have no monument, than why I have one.” Cato the Elder In 2008, then-Chairman of the JCS, Admiral Mullen, said “We can’t kill our way to victory.” Like all liberals, Mullen can’t abide the concept of victory, indeed is frightened by the very […]

‘Tis the Season!

11 Dec 17 2017 Holiday Season: “The power of observation is frequently called ‘cynicism,’ by those who don’t have it.” George Bernard Shaw Today’s bungled subway bombing attempt in NYC marks the beginning of an “exciting” Holiday Season in the USA, UK, and Western Europe! Islamic Terrorists are all too familiar with our weak spots, […]

National CCW Reciprocity

10 Dec 17 “‘The Nation’ will not be the organ of any party, sect, nor body. It will, on the contrary, make an earnest effort to bring to the discussion of political and social questions a really critical spirit, and to wage war upon the vices of violence, exaggeration, and misrepresentation by which so much […]

The Dead Can Wait!

7 Dec 17 “When it’s least expected….” From a friend and student in CA: “The fire here in Ventura erupted suddenly, like an earthquake. There was scant warning! On extremely short notice, we were forced to evacuate from our home late Monday. As we departed, we could see a literal ‘wall of fire,’ from our […]


5 Dec 17 “Trigger Control” “When you walk, just walk. When you sit, just sit. But, whatever you do, don’t wobble!” Ummon “The mind of a perfect man is like a mirror. It grasps nothing. It expects nothing. It reflects, but does not hold. Thus, the perfect man can act without effort.” Chuang Tzu My […]