11 Dec 17

2017 Holiday Season:

“The power of observation is frequently called ‘cynicism,’ by those who don’t have it.”

George Bernard Shaw

Today’s bungled subway bombing attempt in NYC marks the beginning of an “exciting” Holiday Season in the USA, UK, and Western Europe!

Islamic Terrorists are all too familiar with our weak spots, and they will be doing their best to “make their mark” over the next four weeks.

Authorities, particularly NYPD and the FBI, are actually doing a pretty credible job, but our speciality in Western Civilization continues to be spectacular success, “right of bang.” “Left of bang” is still a “work in progress!”

Accordingly, “Tips for the Season:”

1) Beware of crowds, gatherings, and rallies, particularly those with a religious or political theme.

When you must be there, stay on the edge of the crowd, not in the middle. When the gathering in question is indoors, don’t get far from the door and keep your head up, even during prayers- especially during prayers!

The bigger and more high-profile the “gathering,” the greater the risk exposure.

Stay out of big, metro areas

2) Beware of “containment” and “lock-downs.”

These flawed policies continue to enjoy common acceptance in the naive West, but nowhere else! When things start going south, get away, and out of the area, as quickly as you can, any way you can!

Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait for “instructions” Don’t wait at all! Don’t “shelter in a coffin!”

Who impose “lock-downs” are doing it for their benefit, not yours!

3) Don’t “travel light”

Be self-contained, no matter where you go. Cell phone (always fully-charged), pistol(s), spare magazine(s), blade(s), OC, flashlight, IBD, tourniquet, long pants, long-sleeve shirt, hat, glasses, sturdy shoes/boots, water bottle, cash, credit-cards, ID, car keys.

In your car, have a full trauma kit, MREs, urban rifle, multiple spare magazines. Keep your gas-tank full!

4) Security comes first!

We can live with a false alarm, or two. You’ll be alive to feel foolish! Be prepared to change plans instantly.

Don’t ignore “danger signals”

5) Stay in CONUS!

Offshore travel is fraught with risk this time of year. When you must travel, there are plenty of fun places you can go that are within CONUS!

6) Eyes open! Heads up!

There is no substitute of personal alertness. Don’t depend on others to watch your back.

Stay alert, quick, nimble, sober, mobile, decisive.

This isn’t Disneyland!

“Cynics are right, nine times out of ten.”