7 Dec 17

“When it’s least expected….”

From a friend and student in CA:

“The fire here in Ventura erupted suddenly, like an earthquake. There was scant warning!

On extremely short notice, we were forced to evacuate from our home late Monday. As we departed, we could see a literal ‘wall of fire,’ from our driveway, huge flames advancing relentlessly like charging infantry!

As we drove away, I was astonished to see clueless people parked on the side of the road, just watching motionlessly, mesmerized, indeed paralyzed, by the sight of advancing fire, as though it were some form of entertainment!

A simultaneous power-failure meant no traffic lights, no street lights, no ambient light except for the fire itself.

As I write this, fire continues to rage.

A city wide emergency-curfew is (predictably) being ignored by looters and other criminals.

As you often note, we are ‘on our own.’

Fortunately, we are alert, mobile, resilient, and ‘armed and ready!’”


My friend knows how and when to “act,” without hesitation.

Many, like the clueless mentioned above, don’t.

For them, it is already too late!

“The dead can wait.

The quick dare not!”

Mehmet Murat ildan