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New TSA Regs?

31 Mar 17 New TSA Baggage Regulation? I’m flying out of DEN this morning on SW. In my checked baggage, I have my usual complement of my M4 and two pistols, with fully-charged magazines for all. I have been hearing from students that, upon checking baggage, airlines now wrap all checked luggage containing guns with […]

The First Five Seconds!

27 Mar 17 “History is never erased, nor forgotten. ‘Regret’ is merely wishing things were different, absent a willingness to act in order to cause a change. By contrast, ‘repentance’ is a sincere admission that you’re going the wrong way, combined with a personal resolve to change direction. ‘Regret’ is a useless emotion that requires […]

DTI TTGSW now on-line

26 Mar 17 DTI TTGSW now available on-line! I’ve decided to make our TTGSW Course (Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds) accessible to more people than just those who are able to attend in person. So, we’ve put-together an on-line, video version of this Course. It is not exactly the same as being there, but there […]

Most Dangerous!

25 Mar 17 Most Dangerous Places: Right now, I don’t recommend offshore travel, particularly recreational travel, for most Americans. You can experience all the “quality time” you can handle at any number of vacation destinations within CONUS, while exposing yourself to far less risk than will be the case offshore. But, some places are more […]

ILEETA, 2017

24 Mar 17 ILEETA Conference 2017, St Louis, MO Our annual Conference is over tomorrow. You’ll never find a better group of police trainers than at ILEETA. These men and women are dedicated processionals, doing our best to train our officers to (1) live through their next decade of service and to (2) get out […]

ILEETA, 2017

21 Mar 17 ILEETA, St Louis, MO, 2017 We’re into the second day of our wonderful 2017 ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association), this year in St Louis, MO The vendor area opened today, and I got a chance to see some new stuff: Action Target is making a ten-pound, gas-operated, hit-sensitive, programmable […]

“Polite Scoiety” 2017

19 Mar 19 “Polite Society” Tactical Conference, 2017, Little Rock, AR Tom Givens’ now-famous annual “Polite Society” Tactical Conference just concluded. This year, it was in Little Rock, AR at a little-known, but expansive, military training facility I didn’t even know was there! Over 350 attendees this year, nearly all experienced Operators looking to expand, […]

Operation Tiger, April 1944

15 Mar 17 Our “Unarmed” Forces! “Operation Tiger” was a code-name given to a large pre-D-Day “dress-rehearsal,” which took place near Slapton Sands, Devon on the south coast of England in April of 1944. It turned into a disastrous tragedy, where nearly one thousand troopers were killed, mostly Americans, via friendly fire and gumptious enemy […]

More on long-range rifle shooting

13 Mar 17 More on long-range rifles: In military sniping, our goal is to “manufacture casualties” at long range. Instant fatalities are usually not indicated, nor necessary. Head-shots apply for the most part only to law-enforcement sniping, most of the time at 50m or less. A 55gr 223 bullet can range out to 1km, but […]

6.5 Creedmoor, the new 300WM?

12 Mar 17 6.5 Creedmoor, the new 300WM? Friends tell me that the 6.5 Creedmoor’s superiority as a serious, long-range cartridge is becoming generally accepted by the military sniper community. The cartridge is very usable out to 1400m and is not nearly affected by wind as are thirty-caliber bullets. Currently, you can buy a box […]

Follow-up Comments

11 Mar 17 “When you just ain’t got nobody Since you’ve gone and lost your head Rigor mortis has set in, Daddy Jack, you’re dead!” From “Jack, You’re Dead,” Written by Walter Bishop. and Dick Miles. Most famous rendition was sung by Louis Jordan in 1946 Authoritative follow-up comments on ballistic performance, from colleagues who […]

Ballistic Contradictions!

11 Mar 17 Handgun Bullet Performance: The problem in “researching” pistol ballistic performance is that the only “data base” we have to consult has too few samples, and samples we have are mostly second-hand narratives, which are invariably influenced by any number of agendas, political, personal, and commercial. Sanow and Marshall readily acknowledged the foregoing […]

Ready or Not!

10 Mar 17 Another “Ready-or-Not” lesson. This from a friend in Western NY: “Wednesday, most of Western NY got hammered by a severe windstorm. Niagara Falls reported gusts in excess of 70 mph, and Rochester reported one gust exceeding 80 mph. In Batavia, a 29-car freight train was derailed by a gust of wind! Widespread […]

Latest ISIS Attack

8 Mar 17 Today, ISIS murderers, masquerading as health-care workers, massacred a military hospital in Afghanistan, murdering thirty and wounding twice that number. Four ISIS agents, wearing white lab coats, entered a military hospital in Kabul’s supposedly “heavily-guarded” diplomatic quarter. They immediately began murdering patients and health-care workers alike, with AKs they were carrying. Two […]

Belt Holsters

7 Mar 17 Belt holsters for G19, FNS, PPQ, XDM, M&P, Canik, VP9, 320, et al For those of us who routinely carry strong-side/IWB, the Comp-Tac C-Tac, Hoffner Ultrux, Alessi APX, Sherick IWB, and Milt Sparks Summer Special are at the top of the List! All the above are built by friends of mine, and […]


3 Mar 17 Additional information about flying domestically: I apparently confused some readers with my Quip of this morning. Each airline has its own version of a “declaration tag.” It is supposed to go on, or in, the hard case containing your gun(s). SW likes to tape it to the outside of the hard container, […]

Flying with Guns

3 May 17 As I write this, I’m at DEN (Denver) waiting to fly out for a weekend course. As always, I have two pistols (Walther PPQ and Kahr PM45) and my M4 (FSM4) in checked baggage. All in hard, locked cases, per TSA regulations. SW, at least, never wants to see the guns themselves. […]

“Smart” Guns?

1 Mar 17 ND in France Yesterday, a member of French President Francois Hollande’s security detail had an ND. Which of the agent’s weapons was involved is not clear. Hollande was making a speech celebrating the opening of a high-speed rail terminal in the city of Villognon. The ND interrupted the speech and resulted in […]