3 Mar 17

Additional information about flying domestically:

I apparently confused some readers with my Quip of this morning.

Each airline has its own version of a “declaration tag.” It is supposed to go on, or in, the hard case containing your gun(s).

SW likes to tape it to the outside of the hard container, and then the container itself goes inside the suitcase or duffel.

I may have mistakenly given the impression that the declaration tag goes on the outside of the suitcase and is thus in plain view.

I don’t fly with visible “gun cases.” I fly with plain-vanilla luggage, with gun cases inside!

Another point:

Always be polite, as I advised, but don’t be talkative, and don’t answer questions that weren’t asked. SW, for example, never asks about ammunition, and I never volunteer information.

There is no requirement that ammunition be “declared.”

The subject never comes up!