7 Mar 17

Belt holsters for G19, FNS, PPQ, XDM, M&P, Canik, VP9, 320, et al

For those of us who routinely carry strong-side/IWB, the Comp-Tac C-Tac, Hoffner Ultrux, Alessi APX, Sherick IWB, and Milt Sparks Summer Special are at the top of the List!

All the above are built by friends of mine, and will be made to perfectly fit a particular pistol. All pistols listed above I have carried concealed, and are reasonably comfortable for all-day carry in a IWB holsters from the manufacturers mentioned, at least for most average-to-large-sized males.

Many thin people find IWB carry uncomfortable and instead opt for OWB. OWB is not quite as concealable as IWB, but still very acceptable.

A comfortable, high-quality concealment holster is just as important a piece of gear as is the pistol itself, and all Operators need to spend the time and money necessary to insure all their life-saving equipment is top quality, and all works well together.

It is common at our classes to have a student who is new to our Art show-up with an acceptable pistol (usually one of the above), but with a cheap, chintzy “holster,” often little more than a shapeless canvas bucket!

Cheap, garbage holsters not only provide poor concealment, poor retention, and poor comfort, many are overtly dangerous, and thus not allowed.

Coming up on short notice with a suitable holster for a student who shows-up without one is a challenge for all trainers.

One acceptable solution to this dilemma is Phalanx SOCH (Stealth Operator Compact Holster). It is a kydex OWB belt-slide holster that, amazingly, will accommodate all pistols mentioned above!

I carry a copy in my range bag just for such emergencies!

It does not fit any of the pistols mentioned perfectly, but it fits all adequately, and with sufficient safety, to get my student through a Course.

The Phalanx SOCH is inexpensive, and you don’t have to wait when you order a copy! They’re in stock and ship immediately.

Something every instructor should have!