8 Mar 17

Today, ISIS murderers, masquerading as health-care workers, massacred a military hospital in Afghanistan, murdering thirty and wounding twice that number.

Four ISIS agents, wearing white lab coats, entered a military hospital in Kabul’s supposedly “heavily-guarded” diplomatic quarter. They immediately began murdering patients and health-care workers alike, with AKs they were carrying.

Two were suicide bombers and blew themselves up inside the hospital. The two others were eventually cornered and shot to death by security forces.

It was, as usual, a “one-way” mission!

This attack demonstrates ISIS’ legitimate ability to plan, coordinate, and innovate. It also shows that they are alive and well and have no plans to retreat, nor dial-back their ruthless quest for complete domination of the area, and eventually the entire world. They obviously garner much sympathy among the general population. Area governments are scared to death of them, and should be!

What is even more disturbing is that this MO is easily exportable to Western Europe, the UK, and CONUS. What we’ve seen today in Afghanistan may be just a dress rehearsal, a “concept test,” if you will!

Doubt ISIS’ acumen, devotion, and cruelty at your peril!

Once again, you’re on your own. Prepare, equip, and train as necessary, and don’t wait for “permission,” “approval,” nor “protection” supposedly provided by someone else. The now-dead at that military hospital foolishly thought they were “protected” and “heavily-guarded” too, didn’t they?

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The next best time is now!”