24 Mar 17

ILEETA Conference 2017, St Louis, MO

Our annual Conference is over tomorrow.

You’ll never find a better group of police trainers than at ILEETA. These men and women are dedicated processionals, doing our best to train our officers to (1) live through their next decade of service and to (2) get out there and take care of business!

My caustically critical comments of the obvious leftist political agenda of the people running one of the video simulators drew much comment!

Seasoned officers, of course, understand the issue completely and came up to me with sincere thanks and congratulations.

I did receive disapproving comments from at least one lawyer who assured me that patrol officers should be able to accurately devine the intent of dangerous suspects and then precisely predict their future behavior (with death being the penalty for being wrong).

Any other view, I was told, “… is not supported by the facts.”

The fact that visibly armed, suicidal suspects “usually” don’t shoot at arriving police is not nearly as comforting to me as it apparently is to him!

Much concern this year about what the 9th Circuit has called “segmenting.”

“Segmenting” permits the micro-analysis of virtually everything the officer did that day, prior to the lethal-force incident in question (which he, of course, didn’t know would happen that day), in an effort to find some detail they can criticize in their depraved enthusiasm for throwing our officers into prison.

They now want to identify “poor tactical decisions” from some earlier part of the day (as if any of these liberal clowns know anything about tactics), and then use that to vilify an otherwise objectively reasonable use of force.

Some metro areas have now adopted similar wording in their written policies.

Once again, liberals/leftists think no use of lethal force by police, or anyone else, is ever necessary. When officers use lethal force, it ALWAYS represents a foreseeable/preventable error on their part, and ALL officers involved thus need to be punished.

Their goal is for all of Western Civilization, but particularly the USA, to descend into chaos. In Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and any number of other metro areas, they have been largely successful! Police departments in those areas, suffering from the “Ferguson Effect,” have virtually eliminated pro-active policing. The result is rates of violent crime that are now off the chart!

Prosecutors are under enormous political pressure to prosecute police. Likewise, police chiefs are under political pressure not to stand behind their officers, but instead throw them to the wolves.

This is the “legacy” of the BHO Administration, and it is going to get much worse!

It is not a good time to be an LEO, as you are a symbol of everything leftists hate. They are still in charge in many places, and they are profoundly malignant!

“When it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, has webbed feet like a duck, it’s probably a duck! Thus, when you’re doing a convincing imitation of a duck, during duck season, don’t be astonished when you’re mistaken for a duck!”