26 Mar 17

DTI TTGSW now available on-line!

I’ve decided to make our TTGSW Course (Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds) accessible to more people than just those who are able to attend in person.

So, we’ve put-together an on-line, video version of this Course. It is not exactly the same as being there, but there is much vital information that we can thus get to those who really need it.

This is a stand-alone course, and not part of our existing DTI Operator Series.

However, we’re including this course, at no additional charge, with your annual subscription to the DTI Operator Series.

When you already have an annual subscription to our DTI Operator Series, you have recently been e-mailed a coupon code for this new TTGSW Course

You can otherwise access this on-line version of our TTGSW Course in one of two ways:

1) Purchase the stand-alone TTGSW Course for $100.00 in our Pro Shop:


2) Sign-up for an annual subscription to our DTI Operator Series for $140.00 here:


When you sign up, you’ll be given a coupon code to use for the TTGSW course.

More information can be found at defense-training.com

When you go armed, or not, you may well be confronted with a GSW that you have to attend to immediately and personally!

Our twin goals when treating GSWs in the field are:

1) Prevent needless deaths. Many GSWs are not fatal, but many that ultimately are don’t need to be. When those treating wound(s) are correctly equipped, and know what to do, the vast majority of needless GSW deaths can be prevented.

2) Keep the patient conscious and actively involved in his, and our, welfare. When GSW victims “pass-out” (become comatose), they can’t move, can’t shoot, can’t look after themselves, can’t contribute to the success of our mission. They become a burden, instead of a contributor. We want to keep them awake and “in the fight,” for their own benefit, and ours!