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Glock “Replacement” Barrels

29 Sept 15 Glock “replacement” barrels: Many comments and questions about Glock “modifications” after my last Quip. With regard to replacement barrels, there are four reasons why they are currently popular, at least in some quarters: (1) Hobby reloaders: Most aftermarket barrels claim to have “fully-supported chambers.” In plain English, this means the feed-ramp is […]


28 Sept 15 Three Rifles! We conducted an Urban Rifle Training Course in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, NV last weekend. We had students from CA and NV. Students brought the usual assortment of ARs, one Kalashnikov. An aside: One of my students brought two Glock pistols (G19s), both with after-market replacement barrels and “trigger jobs.” […]


24 Sept 15 “When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares it his ‘duty.’” Apollodorus (played by Stuart Granger) in the 1945 feature film, “Caesar and Cleopatra,” also staring Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh Right and Wrong! Addendum to my last Quip: With modern-day leftists “redefining” traditional English words, […]

Lost Our Way?

22 Sept 15 Where did we lose our way? DOD, including BHO-era Secretary of the Army and Army Chief of Staff are currently trying their best to summarily discharge a heroic SF NCO for the “crime” of trying to protect a young Afghan boy from blatant sexual abuse from a pedophile Afghan police official. We […]

Trump’s “Policy Paper”

20 Sept 15 Our 2nd Amendment and the current election season: During the latest of the current series of “debates” among aspiring Republican presidential candidates, our 2nd Amendment Rights entered the discussion, albeit briefly, only toward the end. It is obvious that neither CNN, nor Fox News, consider it a major issue, and are obviously […]

“Looking at a pizza helps me to realize that anything is possible!”

14 Sept 15 “There are some things which you cannot imagine, but there is nothing that may not happen!” CIA Axiom Western Europe now has its own “Mexico!” Strict border controls were mercifully in effect throughout Western Europe and the UK through the mid-1980s. In fact, border police and customs officers were always wonderfully famous […]

Developments in the UK

12 Sept 15 On developments in the UK, from a friend there: “Neo-Communists have just taken control of our Labour Party over here. I worked extensively in Communist countries during my military career. Like Islamics, Communists talk softly until they take over and start ‘governing.’ Then, their ‘false skin’ is sloughed off, and the cruel, […]


10 Sept 15 “When you don’t design your own life’s plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s. And, guess what they have planned for you? Not much! James Rohn Dueling: Popular American naval legend and hero of the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812, Steven Decatur Jr, dashing, daring, good-looking, and who had […]

Pay Attention!

8 Sept 15 Between now and 2017, from friends in the System: “I have been to London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Barcelona over the past several months. The heavy influx of Muslim ‘refugees’ has politics heating-up exponentially all over Western Europe. Lots of hot air, but no action! The English Channel used to protect the UK […]

Farnam Books now on Kindle!

3 Sept 15 DTI Books now on Kindle, from Amazon: The latest, revised edition of “Teaching Women to Shoot, A Law Enforcement Instructors’ Guide,” by Vicki Farnam, is now available on Kindle. Go to: More books by John and Vicki Farnam coming! /John

Ready, or Not?

3 Sept 15 Preparation is the key! This from a friend and student: “I got to use my DTI Trauma Kit yesterday! A neighbor’s seven-year-old son accidentally put a deep, two-inch gash in his leg near his knee, as he was clearing brush with a small hatchet. The cut was deep, with lots of blood, […]