22 Sept 15

Where did we lose our way?

DOD, including BHO-era Secretary of the Army and Army Chief of Staff are currently trying their best to summarily discharge a heroic SF NCO for the “crime” of trying to protect a young Afghan boy from blatant sexual abuse from a pedophile Afghan police official.

We are told that widespread pedophilia is common to that “culture” (and most others where Islamics dominate), and that US troops are thus supposed to “look the other way” when it occurs, even when it takes place openly, and on our own military bases!

So, America’s finest young men and women are fighting and dying to defend a government and “culture” that are worse than Iran’s? And, anyone who dares to object, or is even personally offended, is thrown out of the Army?

Now that this story, despite their best efforts to suppress it, has come out, mealy-mouthed Pentagon spokesmen are pathetically back-peddling, with customary false denials and despicable, pseudo-sanctimonious professions of innocense.

If something like this had happened during WWII, US soldiers would have righteously beaten that deviant to within an inch of his life, and would have received medals for it!

Under BHO, is America now officially as amoral as ISIS? Are we no better than our sworn enemies? Are there no stand-up good guys left, or just a wretched gallery of driveling, boot-licking atta-boys?

“Only two things no one can take from you are you honor and your word. Those you can only give voluntarily. Those two combine to form your bond, and the strength of your bond then becomes the measure of your personal integrity.”