12 Sept 15

On developments in the UK, from a friend there:

“Neo-Communists have just taken control of our Labour Party over here.

I worked extensively in Communist countries during my military career. Like Islamics, Communists talk softly until they take over and start ‘governing.’ Then, their ‘false skin’ is sloughed off, and the cruel, bestial, ugly reality of brutal state control of people’s minds shines through brightly.

Like Islamics, Communists regard Communism as a religion, a religion that will tolerate no other religions, nor opposition. A Communist take-over is always one-way!

Communists predictably intimidate all resistance, first through threats, than through violence. Dissenting voices are quickly silenced. We see it happening here even now.

Then come gulags and the NKVD!

This is a ominous development for the UK!”


“History repeats itself- first as tragedy, then as farce.”

Karl Marx