28 Sept 15

Three Rifles!

We conducted an Urban Rifle Training Course in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, NV last weekend. We had students from CA and NV. Students brought the usual assortment of ARs, one Kalashnikov.

An aside:

One of my students brought two Glock pistols (G19s), both with after-market replacement barrels and “trigger jobs.” Neither ran reliably, and I had to pull both and put the student into a stock SIG P220, which ran fine. I mention this, because the foregoing is so typical of “screwed-with” Glocks! Glocks are worthy, as the come out of the box. After-market, “drop-in” replacement parts and amateur “trigger-jobs” rarely represent any species of “improvement”

They surely did not in this case!

Three rifles deserve mention:

(1) Robar’s PolymAR-15, my (2) FSM4, and the (3) Robinson Arms XCR in 300Blk

We’ve had our copy of Robar’s wonderful PolymAR-15 for six months now, and it has had a lot of rounds through it. Many students have shot it until it was very hot, dozens of times!

The polymer upper and lower were a concern to me, with regard to durability. The amazing lightness of the rifle is attractive, particularly when one travels with it, as we do, but I was concerned about long-term service. Now, it seem my concerns were groundless. It runs and runs!

Our copy is set-up with an Aimpoint T1, Troy BUIS. All internals are NP3’ed. It is one of the few ARs, for that matter the few rifles in general, that Vicki enjoys shooting!

It is now on my “Recommended List”

My “Farnam Signature M4″ was also loaned-out to students, as it so often is, and continues to run without a hiccup. This is an M4 the way I like it, and I’ve used them for serious purposes since 1967, longer than most!

Forward-mounted Aimpoint, Troy BUIS, two-point sling, co-axial Powertac 900 lumen flashlight. Troy “Squid” forend. NP3’ed internals and Roguard’ed upper and lower. The manufacturer, M4 Precision (Keith Everett), knows, as few others do, how to build serious M4s!

My Robinson Arms XCR in 300Blk is a compact, handy, travel-gun. It’s a gas-piston rifle with integral gas-adjustment, so it takes a little tweaking to match it with ammunition you’re using, since the increasingly-popular 300Blk round is available in both super-sonic and sub-sonic versions, from a number of manufacturers.

I personally have scant interest in sub-sonic, but some day I may discover that is all I can get, and I still want my rifle to run!

The XCR comes with a folding/adjustable stock, and I have my copy set-up with a co-axial flashlight, forward-mounted Aimpoint, BUIS, two-point sling.

My XCR has proven itself utterly reliable, and I’m really starting to like the 300Blk round!

I’ll be hunting pigs with it in October, using super-sonic Cor-Bon DPX ammunition.

Robinson Arms is a wonderful company, and the XCR is a superior rifle, also residing on my “Recommended List.”

I’ll repeat myself:

Now is the time to get yourself set-up with, and competently trained with, serious fighting rifles, while you still can! They will provide you with capabilities not available with lesser firearms.

You won’t go wrong with any of the foregoing!