20 Sept 15

Our 2nd Amendment and the current election season:

During the latest of the current series of “debates” among aspiring Republican presidential candidates, our 2nd Amendment Rights entered the discussion, albeit briefly, only toward the end. It is obvious that neither CNN, nor Fox News, consider it a major issue, and are obviously fearful of it being discussed openly.

Even so, last Friday current frontrunner Don Trump released a “policy paper,” his second (the first was on the subject of illegal immigration) on our 2nd Amendments Rights as Americans.

It is wonderful! I could have written it myself! I only wish what he stated in the paper were long-held beliefs on his part. In the past, he has not been so stridently on our side!

Sadly, even Democrats give hollow, cynical, mendacious lip-service to the 2nd Amendment, at least while they are campaigning, then, of course, openly advocate for universal, forced gun-confiscation once in office!

So, while perfunctory lip-service to the 2nd Amendment, at least to some degree, seems to be “expected” of virtually all candidates (even Bernie Sanders describes himself as “pro-hunting!”), strong, non-ambiguous language, like Trump’s, don’t leave much to the imagination, and is surely good to hear.

I hope we hear something similar from other Republicans, instead of typical weasel-words and weasel-phrases that are designed sound ponderous and profound, but that ultimately guarantee nothing.

Example, “… and I just don’t want guns to fall into the wrong hands…”

When you hear that, you can be sure the “wrong hands” he is talking about are YOUR hands, and the hands of every other of his detractors and non-supporters!

Weasel-phrases like that are what we typically hear from Democrats, and we are, right on schedule, starting to hear it already!

I won’t be using this forum to endorse presidential candidates, and I, personally, will be voting a secret ballot. I will complement and criticize as I see fit, without regard to political party.

No candidate is perfect, but we, what few of the legitimate electorate remain, need to hold their feet to the fire and insist that they talk, in plain English, about our rights as American Citizens.

For one, I can’t abide weasels and the meany-mouthed!

Don Trump, for all is faults, has set a good example. I wonder what all the others, CNN, and Fox News are waiting for?

“The only thing in this world more boring than someone who won’t come to the point, is someone who keeps talking after he has made his point!”

Ancient Wisdom