3 Sept 15

Preparation is the key!

This from a friend and student:

“I got to use my DTI Trauma Kit yesterday!

A neighbor’s seven-year-old son accidentally put a deep, two-inch gash in his leg near his knee, as he was clearing brush with a small hatchet.

The cut was deep, with lots of blood, but it was not possible to tell if an artery was compromised or not. In any event, I ran to my car and retrieved my Trauma Kit. I quickly wrapped-up the wound with an IBD.

Bleeding stopped immediately, and we subsequently got him to a local ER.

The wound required ten stitches, but he is otherwise okay.

Attending to this wound was the last thing I thought I’d have to do that day! As you’re fond of reminding us:

‘When it’s least expected, you’re elected!’

I have a DTI Trauma Kit in my range bag, car, home, and at work. I am always prepared!”


We don’t get to make “appointments” for emergencies! You’re prepared, or you’re not. It’s a “come as you are” War!

“At a point in nearly everyone’s life, Fate walks up behind you, taps you on the shoulder, and points to a great and noble challenge, awaiting your touch… your destiny! What a pity, when she finds you unprepared, then sullenly withdraws, never to touch you again.”

Winston Churchill