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Common Sense!

29 Aug 15 More “Common Sense?” It is time to make “Irresponsible Speech” a crime! In our time, laws and “rights” need updating, don’t you think? Our national Founders could have never envisioned an electronic age where lies and misinformation can be spread so freely, so rapidly. What is the harm in requiring media people […]

“Do ‘Something?'”

27 Aug 15 “… Do Something,” like what? In the aftermath of yesterday’s double-murder in VA, hand-wringing professing liberals, have been filling the media with blurry statements like, “… and we have to ‘do something’ about guns. We need new, ‘common-sense’ measures” Of Course, as they glance over at their own heavily-armed bodyguards, they never […]


26 Aug 15 Mental Illness: This morning’s double-murder in VA brings up a difficult subject: “mental illness.” And one that is hard to discuss frankly without incurring criticism and hurting feelings, so not all will like, nor appreciate, the following: Whatever the current buzz-word/psycho-babble term in vogue, be it “disturbed,” issues with “anger management,” “emotionally […]

DTI Video Forum

25 Aug 15 “DTI Operator,” Video Subscriptions: The opportunity to influence people, in a positive way, with good information and philosophy, is the driving force in my life and professional career. I love to instruct my students personally, and influence them and others via my occasional Quips. Many of my esteemed colleagues accomplish something similar […]

DTI Trauma Kit

24 Aug 15 DTI Trauma Kits When we conduct a TTGSW (Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds) Course, each student is issued a copy of the DTI Trauma Kit as part of the instruction. During the Course, we go through, and exercise, each component. Several years ago, at an ILEETA Conference, Persys Medical of Houston, TX […]

“Stealth Existence”

22 Aug 15 The Personal “Stealth” Existence: In the wake of yesterday’s heroic action by US Servicemen in Europe, who are currently getting microphones and camera lenses shoved into their faces by the minute, as well as being invited to appear on all manner of TV talk-shows, along with parents, partners, trainers, neighbors, therapists, high-school […]


21 Aug 15 One critical point about today’s latest “almost” Islamic terrorist incident in Europe, thwarted by heroic US Marines, who didn’t hesitate, nor wait around for “approval,” nor obsess endlessly about violations of “international protocol,” ad nauseam. They dared, and they won! The point is this: For US Military personnel, and LEOs, there is […]

… When You Have a Choice

18 Aug 15 “Reluctant” Prosecution: Earlier this month in OH, a homeowner shot and killed a burglary suspect. The homeowner, armed with a pistol (brand/caliber unreported), confronted a pair of burglary suspects who were in the act of forcible entry into his home. Not clear if words were exchanged, but the brace of burglars instantly […]

Coming to a Place Near You…

16 Aug 15 Here it Comes: The ominous threat to American police and military personnel, and their families, represented by ISIS operatives, already within CONUS, and now armed with a wealth of hacked personal information, is only going to ramp-up, not fade away. Our enemies are not shy about telling us what they’re going to […]

Taurus Settlement and Recall

8 Aug 15 Taurus Recall and Drop-Safety: Brazilian-made Taurus pistols have been with us for several decades, enjoying a spotty reputation. Their striker-fired “PT” line has represented, for most consumers, a low-cost alternative to Glocks, XDs, M&Ps, SIG 320s, Kahrs, et al Over the past few years, Taurus PT Pistols have been implicated in a […]

Never Give Up! Never Give In! Always Call Their Bluff!

7 Aug 15 This is from one of my students who works for DOD as a security contractor: “As a DOD contract security officer, I’m ordered to carry my M9 pistol with a magazine inserted (hardball), and the manual ‘safety’ (actually the decocking lever) in the ‘on’ (down) position. Chamber empty. No back-up guns allowed. […]


5 Aug 15 A friend on active duty, sent me this today: It is an “advisory” e-mailed to active-duty, USMC troopers: “If they are not shooting, do what they say and do not move Only you can draw the line on what you will do, or not do, to preserve your life and the lives […]

With Nincompoops in Charge…

4 Aug 15 When the incompetent occupy important positions: As it continues to spiral downward, the City of Baltimore has now asked for assistance from Feds in investigating homicides. Ten agents from various Federal alphabet-soup agencies are now assisting BPD with their overwhelming pile of unsolved/unresolved cases. It will ultimately require many more than that! […]