4 Aug 15

When the incompetent occupy important positions:

As it continues to spiral downward, the City of Baltimore has now asked for assistance from Feds in investigating homicides.

Ten agents from various Federal alphabet-soup agencies are now assisting BPD with their overwhelming pile of unsolved/unresolved cases. It will ultimately require many more than that!

Since the “Freddie Grey” incident and riots last spring, and the liberal mayor’s openly catering to the mob, before and since, BPD has been gutted of its best officers, particularly command staff. They have resigned in droves, in fear and self-defense!

Resultant scanty/hesitant police coverage has resulted in a sweeping crime wave!

Homicides so far for 2015 are already surpassing the total for all of 2014, and that’s just the ones they’re admitting they know about! Lesser violent crimes are off the chart.

It is not a good time to be living in, or near, Baltimore!

And yet, naive liberals insist these frightening results don’t matter. Only their pious “intentions” are important. Meanwhile, good people suffer as violent crime goes unchecked.

“Satan’s biggest lie is that there are no consequences to what we do”

Charles Stanley