7 Aug 15

This is from one of my students who works for DOD as a security contractor:

“As a DOD contract security officer, I’m ordered to carry my M9 pistol with a magazine inserted (hardball), and the manual ‘safety’ (actually the decocking lever) in the ‘on’ (down) position.

Chamber empty.

No back-up guns allowed.

No extra magazines.

No knives

Ballistic vests are not issued.

Of course, I ignore their stupid rules, as I’m not anxious to be the next massacre victim whom politicians, both in and out of uniform, can subsequently praise (between golf games) as being ‘such a good victim.’

My ‘prop’ M9, carried in an external hoister, is dutifully set-up per their formula. My real pistol, G19 with round (high-performance hollow-point) chambered, plus extra magazines, I carry concealed. I also carry a back-up pistol (G43), also concealed and of course, also fully loaded with high-performance ammunition and ready to go.

In addition I wear a ballistic vest, purchased at my own expense. I’m surprised they haven’t yet told me I can’t wear it!

There is also a personally-owned M4 hidden in my car.

I always have several blades.

I asked my ‘supervisor’ about our response to a terrorist attack. She indicated that we have no plan. But she added this, ‘Well, since you’re wearing a vest, you confront them. When you’re shot, just play dead until they pass you by or leave’

She said it with a straight face!”


Several Republican Governors have stepped forward and courageously authorized some troops to be armed at some facilities. However, the term, “armed,” has many definitions, so, predictably, all such directives are immediately sabotaged and rendered meaningless!

As we see from the foregoing, to the greatest extent bureaucrats can make it, guns and ammunition will still be as inaccessible, and made as useless, as possible.

Currently, our ‘armed’ services are ordered to willfully submit to execution, upon the whim of terrorists.

“…stay still, and hope they don’t shoot…”

If our fathers had this kind of tactical brilliance available, no doubt WWII would have been over by 1943!

“The only society I like is rough and tough, and the tougher the better. There’s where you get down to bedrock and meet real people.”

Robert W Service