22 Aug 15

The Personal “Stealth” Existence:

In the wake of yesterday’s heroic action by US Servicemen in Europe, who are currently getting microphones and camera lenses shoved into their faces by the minute, as well as being invited to appear on all manner of TV talk-shows, along with parents, partners, trainers, neighbors, therapists, high-school teachers, family pets, et al:

Some sage advice for Military, LEO, and all Operators, “famous” or not:

Don’t wait for self-serving, intelligence-insulting “guidance,” nor laughable, sophomoric suggestions printed on a poster.

Be boring, silent, invisible. Maintain an extremely low electronic profile. Maintain a low physical profile.

Disappear. Be invisible. Vanish!

Keep your mug out of the papers and off TV.

A highly-skilled Googler in China, Russia, Syria, Iran, who types-in your name, rank, branch, names of family members, etc, and then hits “enter,” should be greeted repeatedly with “…no results found.”

When you are linked-in, link-out, today! Stay “out,” permanently!

This War (… and it is a “shooting war”), we’re currently in will last for the next hundred years, and our despicable enemies consider anyone/everyone to be “fair targets.”

Your home address and phone numbers need to be secrets. Stay off, and out of, all “directories,” “lists,” phone books. Receive mail and packages at a remote mail drop. Assume all phone conversations, and e-mail communication, are being monitored. Watch what you say!

Your home needs electronic security!

Since the 1970s, I’ve been advocating this “stealth existence” for all Operators. Now, it has become critical, for your continued good health and security of family members.

Personal alertness/readiness needs to be a way of life, along with going armed, and continuous personal invisibility.

Serious pistol(s) always at hand. Military rifle always nearby.

Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate, and don’t ask permission. (You don’t need it!)

Critical data has been systematically leaked/hacked at the national level. Intentional or not, makes little difference. Either way, the current Administration obviously doesn’t care a whit, so you better!

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine de St Exupery