16 Aug 15

Here it Comes:

The ominous threat to American police and military personnel, and their families, represented by ISIS operatives, already within CONUS, and now armed with a wealth of hacked personal information, is only going to ramp-up, not fade away.

Our enemies are not shy about telling us what they’re going to do!

All we seem to be able to do is tell them everything we’re not going to do!

As the threat accelerates, predictably so will disarming actions taken by our current gaggle of “We Fear Armed Troops” Admirals and Generals, so as to make small arms and ammunition absolutely inaccessible to our troops when they come under attack.

We might call it:

“The Pearl Harbor Preparedness Model!”

I’m looking for the “case” against our courageous Navy Commander who used his own pistol to repel the Chattanooga terrorist to be laughed out of court, as it should be.

In the interim, how often will we hear of “Peace in our Time,” from the lips of assorted leftist posers and cowards?

“Doctors see all the weaknesses of mankind; lawyers all the wickedness, theologians all the stupidity”

Arthur Schopenhauer