25 Aug 15

“DTI Operator,” Video Subscriptions:

The opportunity to influence people, in a positive way, with good information and philosophy, is the driving force in my life and professional career. I love to instruct my students personally, and influence them and others via my occasional Quips.

Many of my esteemed colleagues accomplish something similar via regular appearances on Utube, and I’ve been often tempted to join them. However, I’ve decided I’m not comfortable in that environment. Too many sleazy ads and non-credible “instruction,” not to mention uninvited distribution of personal information, location data, and browsing history.

It has become apparent, at least to me, that there is a great need for frequent, supplemental instruction on a routine basis, both for my direct students and also those who will never be able to attend a Class. There are many topics and details that need adequate representation, which we simply don’t have the time to even introduce, much less practice, on the Range during live-fire training courses.

Topics include everything from weapon maintenance, rifle setup (optics, lights, and slings), to team/family emergency procedures. Other important subjects we rarely get abound to discussing are personal security routines, components of the “stealth” lifestyle,” including privacy settings on computers, tablets, and smart phones, “sanitation” of photos before sharing, the whole issue of “social” media. Interfacing with the criminal-justice system. Protection/preservation of your rights and options, etc.

Aspiring Operators need to know how to navigate all of this. I’m one of the senior “fixtures” in this Art. I’ve been around for a long time, and, while I don’t claim to know everything, I’ve been down the road a few times! I want to continue to effectively teach and share as long as I can!

So, I’m excited to announce that DTI will be launching an exclusive membership for access to ongoing instructional videos. “DTI Individual Operator” Video Subscriptions will become available this coming holiday season.

This exclusive, supplemental instruction is intended for DTI Alumni, but is suitable for LE, Military, and all other serious Operators.

Benefits include:

• Unlimited access to new and archived videos. New content on a regular basis

• View videos via any internet-ready device, be it your computer, tablet, or smart phone

• No ads. I sometimes recommend products and services, but I don’t do “endorsements,” and we accept no advertising. I’m thus free to say terrible things about any product/service, and do!

• No “filler.” I’m not going to talk just to listen to myself talk, nor am I going to “invent” issues and controversy where there are none. All information will be genuinely valuable and relevant, or we won’t put it out.

• No gewgaw! I will not be a party to bogus commercialism, glamour, fads, novelties, etc. All information is valid and upright. My only obligation is to the truth and to the improvement of students.

• No politics. I will not be endorsing political candidates, movements, legislation. Sometimes, in a moment of weakness, I let slip a political opinion. But, the sole purpose of the forum is the improvement of the individual Operator, not political indoctrination. I have political and religious opinions, to be sure, but this forum is not my personal, political soapbox!

• Your personal information (what little we have) is safe. We do not save, track, nor sell any personal information, location data, nor browsing information, ever!

When you’re interested in a subscription, please respond to the survey below, so we can decide if this project is viable.


Thanks for your input!

/John S Farnam, DTI