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Only in America!

30 July 15 “Cecil,” the lion? Our leftist media would have us all believe there is universal outrage over an otherwise obscure MN dentist, recently on safari in Zimbabwe, hunting and ultimately killing an ageing lion. Of course, the dirty little secret is that there is scant interest in this story, much less “outrage,” anywhere […]

NDs and Unnecessary Gun-Handling

26 July 15 Unnecessary Gun-Handling: An armed civilian in his 20s, on volunteer guard duty, unintentionally fired a shot from his AR today in OH. Fortunately, the muzzle was pointed downward at the time, and the single errant bullet hit the pavement. It made a divot, but caused no additional damage nor injuries. The incident […]

Arming Troops!

24 July 15 Arming Troops! Our current (retiring) Army COS, General Odierno, a typical BHO-era appointee, has recently cautioned us not to “over-arm” our military, for fear of negligent discharges. Comments were made in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attack in Chattanooga, TN. I’m not sure I understand what “over-armed” means. I do understand […]

Marines Shoot Back!

23 July 15 Details from Chattanooga: Evidence now suggests that at least one heroic Marine, armed with a personally-owned handgun (courageously and contemptuously ignoring stupid Pentagon “rules”) returned the heavily-armed terrorist’s fire at the Chattanooga Reserve Center, doubtless preventing an even bigger massacre. He must be praised effusively by the public, and by all veterans! […]

Looking Up?

20 July 15 Things are looking up! Friends on active duty told me this morning that certain officers and S/NCOs are now quietly carrying concealed on base, and off. No one is admitting it, of course, but some courageous commanders, at great personal risk, have taken it upon themselves to authorize the practice, albeit unofficially. […]

No Confidence!

17 July 15 Aftermath BHO’s reaction to the wanton slaughter of our unarmed Marines yesterday in TN was, as expected, naive, casual, and shallow, mouthing the same worn-out Marxist drivel he has been uttering for years. It’s obvious he couldn’t care less! He does not instill confidence! The Army’s Chief of Staff instills even less! […]

Women’s Class in WY!

16 July 15 7-10 Aug 15 (Fri-Mon), DTI is presenting a first-of-its-kind, on-site Defensive Handgun Training Program for Women at the historic Elk Mountain Hotel, in Elk Mountain, WY The entire Class is taught by Vicki Farnam from DTI, Inc. Susan Prescott-Havers, owner and Chief de Cuisine, has put together a wonderful package of three […]

Here we go Again!

16 July 15 Here we go again, this time in TN: Several members of our “unarmed forces” were gunned down this morning by a lone terrorist at a recruitment center in Chattanooga, TN. Few details at present, but there is little doubt victims were selected because they were wearing US military uniforms. We’ve already heard […]


14 July 15 “Military revolutions are missed, not only because of military sloth, delusional leadership, or a reactionary romance with the past. They are also missed because of a failure at elite levels of society either to perceive real threats posed by real external enemies, or to countenance sacrifices necessary to meet them” Victor D […]

The Future of Policing!

10 July 15 The Future of Policing in the USA? American police have, since I can remember, taken great pride in providing immediate help to people who really needed them. We call it “proactive policing.” We respond quickly to calls for help. We aggressively patrol and make arrests, getting VCAs, drunk drivers, and child-molesters locked-up […]

Warrior Arms of IN

9 July 15 Warrior Arms My friend and Warrior Arms CEO, John Brubaker, recently provided me with a copy of their excellent M4 (WAR-15). Warrior Arms is a small Company in northern IN, but they turn-out a very credible M4. My copy is set-up with Powertac 900 Lumen co-axial flashlight, mounted forward on the left […]

Cannon Fodder?

7 July 15 Advice to Police: You’re on your own! The City of Baltimore (hopelessly broke and starving for cash, like most cities) announced that it is refusing to pay a civil judgement levied against it from a 2009 case involving alleged police misconduct, with the preposterous excuse that officers involved were “… operating outside […]

Greece and the Rest of Europe!

6 July 15 On the European situation, from a friend and student who lives there and works in their System: “Greeks have now spoken. Sixty-one percent of Greek voters said ‘no’ to the last proposal of anxious creditors: IMF, European Commission, and ECB (European Central Bank) The Greek Central Bank, which has been literally kept […]


3 July 15 Morale! Morale among American Uniformed Services, by any measure, is at its lowest point since records have been kept! This fact is worrisome! Troops’ confidence in the BHO Administration, and the gaggle of upper-level boot-lickers he has appointed over them, is currently less than zero! Most BHO-era appointees have long forgotten what […]