30 July 15

“Cecil,” the lion?

Our leftist media would have us all believe there is universal outrage over an otherwise obscure MN dentist, recently on safari in Zimbabwe, hunting and ultimately killing an ageing lion. Of course, the dirty little secret is that there is scant interest in this story, much less “outrage,” anywhere else in the world, except in America, and even here, only in the warped minds of liberal, anti-hunting twits, between bites of their ham sandwiches!

In Zimbabwe itself, they are completely mystified!

Hundreds of lions are legally hunted and killed every year in Zimbabwe, and other African nations, all (up until now) with little attention from American media. Cape Buffalo, antelope of all kinds, hippopotamus, giraffe, elephant, et al are similarly hunted successfully, by the thousands, by American, Asian, and European sportsmen. Again, up until now, our agenda-driven American “media” couldn’t have cared less!

Now, at least a few high-profile media and Hollywood leftists have decided that the death of an elderly African lion, at the hands of an American hunter, is unthinkable!

Who know what they’re talking about (which includes virtually on one in our media), will tell you that populations of wild game animals in Africa, and everywhere else, must be managed in order to avoid mass starvation and disease. The ageing lion in question would have shortly died anyway, while being eaten alive by a pack of local hyenas, just as many are every day, had he not been killed cleanly by the MN dentist.

In fact, the best way to insure the survival, health, and prosperity of any species of game animal is through controlled hunting! Hunting makes these animals valuable! Hunters pay big money to hunt these animals, important money that is desperately needed by the local economy. Hunters also create and fund local jobs, from guiding services to taxidermy, also much appreciated by the by locals. Thus, you can bet locals will insure that there are plenty of these animals around to attract hunters, I’ve been there (Africa) many times, and I’ve seen it personally!

Now, some of our media perfumed princes have self-righteously decided that all hunting is terrible and needs to be banned. They’re apparently not bothered by the fact that millions of “innocent” animals are slaughtered every day in our domestic food industry, so we can all eat!

One noted media leftist even indicated that he personally would gladly murder the dentist in question, in order to “save” the lion in question. I wish I were surprised!

The fact is, in the wild, there is always an excess of males. Among domestic animals, excess males are gelded. In the wild, excess males need to be hunted and removed, for the sake of the overall health of the herd. Governments can pay professional hunters to do it, at great expense. Or, governments can get paid, lavishly, by sportsmen to do exactly the same thing. Those same sportsmen will also stay in local hotels, eat in local restaurants, and shop at local stores. What’s not to like?

The foregoing is not rocket science, and most good and reasonable people understand it perfectly. Only pseudo-sanctimonious, leftist loonies, who are ever manufacturing erroneous “villains:” capitalists, Christians, gun-owners, property-owners, tax-payers, patriots, and, of course, hunters, see evil everywhere outside their Marxist agenda. They’re mercilessly haunted by the disquieting notion that somewhere, someone is having a good time. They can’t stand it!

“Embrace being ‘The Villain.’ Own the title, for you’ll always be one in the eyes of the enemy.

Never apologize for your ancestors.”

Calen Smith