24 July 15

Arming Troops!

Our current (retiring) Army COS, General Odierno, a typical BHO-era appointee, has recently cautioned us not to “over-arm” our military, for fear of negligent discharges. Comments were made in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attack in Chattanooga, TN.

I’m not sure I understand what “over-armed” means. I do understand what murdered soldiers look like!

When you’re worried about NDs, train your troops appropriately General (assuming you know anyone who can!), and stop making them relentlessly obsess about whether a gun is loaded or not, thus causing them to engage in endless unnecessary gun-handling!

Domestic police officers, new and veteran alike, carry constantly, on and off duty, and our guns are loaded and ready all the time. Yes, like you, we have people in our ranks who never should have been hired. And yes, like you, we have NDs now and then, invariably for stupid reasons. When they occur, we ramp-up training and drive on. Sometimes, we even have to fire people or transfer them to other jobs.

What we don’t do is hysterically disarm them all, and make them sitting ducks!

Gun-phobic BHO-era appointees, in and out of uniform, are willfully endangering the lives of brave people who volunteered to serve this Country, with contemptible rationales like the foregoing, all in an effort to excuse themselves from stepping up to the plate.

Once again, I wish I didn’t have to point it out!

“Time is the only critic without ambition.”

John Steinbeck

Among our star-wearers, we need less ambition, more heroism!