7 July 15

Advice to Police:

You’re on your own!

The City of Baltimore (hopelessly broke and starving for cash, like most cities) announced that it is refusing to pay a civil judgement levied against it from a 2009 case involving alleged police misconduct, with the preposterous excuse that officers involved were “… operating outside their official duties.”

They made the announcement on the 4th of July, obviously hoping no one would notice

Plaintiffs are, of course, disputing the ridiculous claim, but still seeking recovery from individual officers.

Their nightmare thus continues!

Here is the implication for the few BPD officers who are still working, and for beleaguered police officers around the Country, particularly those working in deteriorating metro areas (ie: all metro areas):

When litigation arises from something in which you were involved, you (along with your sergeant, lieutenant, and partners) may suddenly discover you have no indemnity! You may find yourself personally on the hook for all civil judgements. Your cynical employer, piously declaring his innocence, will then garnish your wages, and pension, to pay the claim!

So, when the mayor pushes officers to make arrests, in order to boost statistics and thus make herself look good, think about this:

Do you really think the City of Baltimore will now pay the claim in the Gray lawsuit, or will the mayor suddenly develop amnesia with regard to her own instructions to the police department?

And, will any officer, anywhere, who tries to make an arrest of a suspect with whom the leftist media subsequently falls in love, be told the arrest was “… outside of his official duties,” and that he thus does not enjoy the support of his employer, and is being thrown to the wolves.

And, will the local DA (anxious, as always, to please the mob) then lock you up, drop all charges against the defendant, and sue you personally in order to recover judgement(s) against the City?

It is not a good time to be a cop, especially a good one who is trying to do his job.

Amoral leftists are not capable of honorable, competent leadership, as we are relentlessly seeing demonstrated!

“‘Consensus’ is the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values, and policies to the point where the proposal in question represents something in which no one believes, and to which no one objects.”

Margaret Thatcher