23 July 15

Details from Chattanooga:

Evidence now suggests that at least one heroic Marine, armed with a personally-owned handgun (courageously and contemptuously ignoring stupid Pentagon “rules”) returned the heavily-armed terrorist’s fire at the Chattanooga Reserve Center, doubtless preventing an even bigger massacre.

He must be praised effusively by the public, and by all veterans!

Predictably, the leftist media is trying desperately to cover-up this story, adhering to their unwritten rule that privately-owned guns are never to be portrayed in a positive manner. They don’t want these facts known, so they pretend it didn’t happen. These same sleazy DNC propagandists, masquerading as “journalists,” willfully covered-up WJC’s endless extramarital affairs.

Under BHO-era appointees, the Pentagon is still refusing even to consider arming any Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, nor Airmen, regardless of rank. Conversely, their contemptible “solution” to this repeatidly-demonstrated security gap is to order servicemen not to wear uniforms, even when on recruiting duty, and to “pull down the window shades.”

Disgusting cowards! Sounds like surrender to me.

Under their faltering “leadership,” we won’t have long to wait until the next successful attack on our ever-unarmed troops, within CONUS.

It is obvious to me that safety of our troops does not enjoy a high level of priority in the BHO Administration, nor among his appointees, even those in uniform!

On the bright side, several courageous Republican governors have now ordered the arming a certain National Guardsmen. Not a single Democrat among them. I wish I were surprised!

A universal (and fatal) trait, unfailing infecting all liberals, is a personal vanity so extreme that it altogether prevents them from ever admitting they’re wrong, nor even believing they are capable of being wrong. They perpetually defend and perpetuate their errors as if they were protecting their inheritance!

“A man should never be ashamed to admit that he has been wrong, which is but saying that he is wiser today than yesterday.”

Jonathan Swift