Monthly Archives: March 2015


30 Mar 15 “All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions.” Adlai Stevenson We desperately need a few “unpopular” people to speak-up now! In a meeting yesterday in Egypt, of Middle-Eastern nations (mainly Egypt and Saudi Arabia), it was decided to form, without delay, a joint military task-force to oppose Iranian incursions into […]


27 Mar 15 Propaganda, then and now: In August of 1942, Paramount Pictures released a feature film entitled, “Wake Island” It starred Brian Donlevy. A supporting role, played by a young and previously unknown William Bendix, propelled him into subsequent stardom. These were the “dark days” of WWII, and Paramount willingly “supported the War effort,” […]

Security Theater!

27 Mar 15 This from a friend in Manila. We’ll soon see this here, and in most of Western Europe: “The Philippine approach to security in business districts and hotels where most foreigners hang-out is much more rigorous than we see at home, and is surely a sign of things to come. You go through […]

Still We Sleep!

22 Mar 15 Still we sleep! From a friend on active duty: “The US military, despite endless pious rhetoric, is not taking recent ISIS threats to specific military individuals and families seriously. Military families are advised, once more, to be vigilant and security-conscious. Advise includes locking doors, using peepholes, adequate exterior lighting, etc, all the […]


19 Mar 15 Hunting with the 300Blk On Tuesday of this week I was in OH, hunting big game on a private preserve. As I did last fall, I was using my DDA (Devil Dog Arms) AR in 300Blk. And, as last time, I used DPX ammunition (Barnes 125gr), super-sonic. 300Blk ammunition is manufactured in […]


16 Mar 15 Aimpoint T2 At an anti-terrorist training Class in FL last weekend, a student was using a AR with a Aimpoint T2, mounted mid-point on the top rail. The T2 is Aimpoint’s latest small red-dot. I saw it at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January, and I noted that, although about […]


11 Mar 15 Ammunition Last week, when in TX, I visited a big Cabelas near Austin. 223/5.56mm was nearly cleaned-out! Plenty of pistol ammunition in all popular calibers, and 308, 7.62×39, 6.8mm, and 300Blk were also all in good supply, but scant 223/5.56mm, in any configuration brand, nor bullet weight. The issue was, of course, […]


8 Mar 15 “Ready for anything. Depending on nothing” Motto of 2/7, First Marine Division (my old outfit from 1968, Vietnam) The tinge of bitterness, evident in the above motto, betrays a wisplike sense of disappointment that the “system” often failed to provide us with what we needed at the critical instant, yet those of […]


4 Mar 15 “Self-Reliant” or “Cell-Phone-Reliant?” Last November, a NY man froze to death while remaining in his stranded car for twelve hours, patiently waiting for help that never arrived. From his marooned vehicle nearly buried in snow, disabled when struck from the rear by a snowplow, the man repeatedly called 911 and was repeatedly […]