22 Mar 15

Still we sleep!

From a friend on active duty:

“The US military, despite endless pious rhetoric, is not taking recent ISIS threats to specific military individuals and families seriously.

Military families are advised, once more, to be vigilant and security-conscious. Advise includes locking doors, using peepholes, adequate exterior lighting, etc, all the stuff you can read about in the current issue of “Cosmopolitan!”

Military families are further advised to be careful when posting material online and not to trust social media privacy settings. (My advice is to get off ‘social media’ altogether!)

Again, any women’s magazine routinely contains all the same wish-wash!

These ‘usual precautions’ are comic, because even mentioning the one most important precaution is carefully avoided like the plague!

All military personal and adult family members need undergo competent personal defensive training with guns and be encouraged to carry concealed at all times.

Anything less is a joke!

In short, we need to bring back our lost warrior culture. We have received a virtual invitation from ISIS!

For one, I’m not willing to wait around until some gas-bag up the food chain finally finds time to maybe consider that my life is actually important!

For one, I’m taking independent action, without delay!”

“One reason American soldiers handily defeated Hitler’s Nazis is that we obeyed our generals’ orders, but we ignored stupid ‘regulations.’ Hitler’s Nazis obeyed both Hitler’s orders, and stupid Nazi regulations.

They lost the war.”

WWII Veteran