16 Mar 15

Aimpoint T2

At an anti-terrorist training Class in FL last weekend, a student was using a AR with a Aimpoint T2, mounted mid-point on the top rail.

The T2 is Aimpoint’s latest small red-dot. I saw it at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January, and I noted that, although about the same size as the T1, the T2 offers significant improvement in clarity.

However, my student was experiencing challenges with this particular copy!

She reported seeing three, widely-separated dots, not just one. Thinking an individual vision issue might explain this curious phenomenon, I mounted the rifle and looked through the optic for myself. I saw the same three dots!

Aimpoint enjoys a sterling reputation, so I was at a loss to explain what was happening. After spending all that money, my student was frustrated at this apparently unusable piece of equipment.

While scratching my head, on of my instructors suggested to me that the unit could have been mounted backward!

Now, it was me who was frustrated that I hadn’t though of that straightaway!

Sure enough, the gunsmith who sold my student the rifle, and optic, had mounted it backward, obviously never testing it himself.

Having never looked through an Aimpoint T1/T2/H1 backward, I had no idea what the view might be. I had always assumed one would see nothing. Next time, I’ll know!

In any event, once in its correct orientation, the T2 ran normally, and after getting my student’s rifle zeored, she was back up and running normally too.

The lesson here is that Aimpoint’s small red-dots look similar from either end! Which end is which is less obvious than is the case with larger optics.

Just remember that, with Aimpoint’s T1, T2, H1, the brightness adjustment knob is always on the right side, from the shooter’s perspective.

“Nothing so difficult as the obvious”