27 Mar 15

This from a friend in Manila. We’ll soon see this here, and in most of Western Europe:

“The Philippine approach to security in business districts and hotels where most foreigners hang-out is much more rigorous than we see at home, and is surely a sign of things to come.

You go through metal-detectors to get into malls. There is highly-visible armed security at every intersection in the business area. Lots of pistol-gripped shotguns, revolvers with soft-lead bullets in loops on gun belts, and M16s. Equipment looks well used. Security guys seem fit and all have good situational awareness.

When you drive to western hotels, there is a tall, fit Filipino standing at the S-curve with a 12-gauge AR15 variant, extra magazines, and hard-shell knee pads. The shotgun is loaded exclusively with slugs, so that he has some chance of being able to penetrate vehicles.

Once you get past him, you arrive at a gate where there is another armed security guard and a bomb-dog. Trunks are popped open, and the driver is interviewed.

Once you get to the entrance of the actually hotel lobby, there is another dog (usually a beagle), smelling bags. You then go through double-doors of the lobby where there are two more people with handheld metal-detectors.

They don’t wand western-looking guests, but all the Filipinos, and particularly middle-easterners, get scanned. No problem here with ‘racial profiling!’

This is ‘security theater,’ and it is much more serious and convincing than what we see in CONUS.”

Comment: We better all get used to it, since respect and reverence for Western culture and resolve is now a worldwide joke. This is what happens when civilizations, by choice, decline!

“Pacifism is merely cowardice, masquerading as piety”