19 Mar 15

Hunting with the 300Blk

On Tuesday of this week I was in OH, hunting big game on a private preserve. As I did last fall, I was using my DDA (Devil Dog Arms) AR in 300Blk. And, as last time, I used DPX ammunition (Barnes 125gr), super-sonic.

300Blk ammunition is manufactured in both sub-sonic, and super-sonic versions. The former is mostly for use with suppressors. Quiet, but it won’t function autoloading rifles, except for Robinson Arms’ XCR, which can be gas-adjusted to function normally with either version.

My DDA is fitted with a forward-mounted Aimpoint T1 and Troy BUIS

In any event, after stalking for some time, I got a broadside shot at a 150lb wild sheep at sixty meters. I put the red dot on the point of his shoulder and pressed-off the first shot.

It struck true, and the animal’s knees immediately buckled, and he fell on the spot. Still in my sights, I caught the link and delivered a second shot in the same place.

Rifle ran flawlessly. Animal was DRT.

Both bullets, fully expanded, went through-and-through, and neither was recovered.

Once again, I am really starting to like the 300Blk!

Light, soft-recoiling, not very loud, lethal out to 300m. Not much not to like!

The 300Blk (7.62×35) has attracted the attention of some at the Pentagon, but their otherwise flaming devotion to the 5.56×45 (223) is, at least for now, unassailable!

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