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27 Feb 15 Hollywood! I recently was made aware of the sizeable LAPD contingent assigned to providing security at the Oscar Ceremonies last week. Of course, they all quietly and professionally went about their jobs, never expecting to be thanked. And, yes, there were police snipers on the roof! I wonder if Michael Moore and […]

At Least They Now Have Knives!

25 Feb 15 Blades for Rabbis! “The pervasive expansiveness of the (Roman) Empire which we see today did not come about as a result of accident nor precipitous good fortune. These (Roman) warriors do not sit around congratulating themselves in the wake of every victory, nor are they idle in peacetime. Rather, they are constantly […]

ISIS Update

24 Feb 15 “All are born ignorant. Many then spend the remainder of their natural lives practicing it to perfection!” Wiggington ISIS Update, from a friend in the System: “We review all ISIS/AlQaeda documents, publications and videos here. Key learnings: 1) They go to great lengths to identify and recruit potential jihadis from Western cultures. […]

“Polite Society” 2015

23 Feb 15 2015 “Polite Society” Tactical Conference, Memphis, TN The 2015 “Polite Society” Event at the MPD Academy in Memphis, TN last weekend, ended yesterday. Hosted by my famous friend and colleague, Tom Givens, this annual Conference has grown into a major entry on my personal training calendar! This year, Memphis was cold and […]


23 Feb 15 “Dead-gulations” Our active-duty military wives are now receiving pernicious threats from ISIS, via e-mail messages sent directly to them: “While your president and your husband are killing our brothers in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, we’re coming for you. You think you’re safe, but ISIS is already here. We know everything about you, […]


18 Feb 15 “Unarmed” Forces: From a proud father of an American Infantry Soldier: “My son left for his assigned post today. Of course, he could not take anything along that might even resemble a weapon, including a utility knife. The Army has a training issue, that it is covering up with a manufactured ‘safety […]

Serious Rrifle Optics

16 Feb 15 Optics for serious rifles: I’ve editorialized more than once the everyone ought to be able to use, and be comfortable with, iron sights on serious rifles, both Western style and Soviet style. When you have nothing else, you have to know how to make iron sights work. With good iron sights and […]


15 Feb 15 ISIS, Unchecked: “Things are far worse than ‘not good!’” Burczynski In Braunschweig Germany today, a large and popular parade and festival was abruptly cancelled, less than two hours before it was to start. The annual event typically draws to the area a quarter million visitors and participants. Many, already dressed in colorful […]


13 Feb 15 Access to guns: “It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg.” CS Lewis In the western feature film, “Silverado” (1985), one of the main characters, “Emmett” (palyed by Scott Glenn) is […]

“Offical” Reports

12 Feb 15 More on Yemen: The Yemen Embassy story, as originally reported, has now been slightly “softened,” in subsequent “official” reports. However, given the lying history of the BHO Administration, I believe little contained in any such “official” statement. Their “official” version of events in Benghazi was subsequently proven to be a pack of […]

Some Bleed. Some Never Will!

12 Feb 15 “When it bleeds, it leads.” So goes the cynical cliche among modern “journalists” Since BHO has never led, nor bled, I am astonished with his concise explanation as to why he believes the media are paying way too much attention to today’s pernicious threat from Islamic terrorists, and Vlad P’s slow-motion Blitzkrieg […]

Sterile Guns, Sterile People!

11 Feb 15 Empty guns! September of last year, in PA, a State Trooper (Firearms Instructor) accidentally shot and killed another State Trooper during a training session. The Trooper who did the shooting has subsequently been indicted by a grand jury. The pistol involved was, of course, unloaded and thus “safe!” The tragic incident, and […]


10 Feb 15 His “Great Failure” Our mercifully departing attorney general, during a recent cynical interview with reliable administration apologists on MSNBC, sadly stated that his “single failure” as AG was failing to persuade an understandably distrustful Congress to pass additional restrictions on already beleaguered American gun-owners. “It is, I think, the single failure that […]

Police Use of Force

5 Feb 15 “Delay in the use of force, and hesitation to accept responsibility for its employment when the situation clearly demands it, will always be interpreted as weakness. Such indecision will encourage further disorder, and will eventually necessitate measures more severe than those which would have sufficed in the first instance.” United States Marine […]

Declining Crime

3 Feb 15 “Politics is the diversion of trivial men who, when they succeed at it, become important in the eyes of more trivial men.” George Jean Nathan History will record that crime in America, violent crime in particular, hit an all-time high in the 1980s. It has been declining steadily ever since and is […]