15 Feb 15

ISIS, Unchecked:

“Things are far worse than ‘not good!’”


In Braunschweig Germany today, a large and popular parade and festival was abruptly cancelled, less than two hours before it was to start. The annual event typically draws to the area a quarter million visitors and participants. Many, already dressed in colorful costumes, had made the trip there from distant places, only to be disappointed at the last minute!

The reason, of course, was fear of an Islamic terrorist attack. No exact intelligence source was ever identified, but police precipitously cancelled the event and advised everyone to stay home, in their hotels, and away from the area.

The unforeseen cancellation represents a major blow to the city’s economy. Local residents and business people are fuming! But, they are also terrified and disillusioned that their own government is so impotent, and apparently so completely unable, and unwilling, to protect them from this blatant and growing Islamic menace.

In fact, after yesterday’s murderous events in Denmark, targeting a free-speech forum and a local synagogue, all of Europe is scared and nervous, and for good reason.

European Jews are terrified!

And, after today’s release of the latest ISIS video, clearly showing a recent mass murder of hapless Christians, probably in Lybia, European Christians are starting to experience the same gnawing fear and apprehension European Jews experience from childhood! And, they don’t like it.

Imagine that!

All look to the USA for guidance and strength, and all are disappointed! The BHO Administration continues to immerse itself in denial, and is neither inspiring, nor credible. We hear “tough talk” now and then, but the dependable signature of this administration has been to drop the ball. No semblance even of respectability, much less leadership, flows from the top, nor is likely any time soon.

ISIS is not unclear about its goals. They are not even purposely deceptive. I’ll give them that! We choose to be deceived, but through no fault of theirs. They will continue to relentlessly terrorize Jewish and Christian interests, institutions, and symbols in Europe, in the Mideast, and the USA, and will brazenly murder all who dare criticize them, or are even reluctant to go along with them, as we saw yesterday in Copenhagen.

And curiously, Europe’s notorious anti-gun laws don’t seem to apply to Islamics! Using obviously plentiful Kalashnikov rifles, Islamics in every corner of Europe continually shoot at unarmed Jews and Christians with apparent impunity. No one is allowed to fight back!

It is not quite the same in the USA (at least for now) except in NY, CT, MA, RI, CA, and a few other liberal-dominated places. Americans can still fight back, but are severely restricted in the foregoing states. Not surprisingly, that is where heavily-armed Islamic radicals will step-up their attacks of non-Muslims! They surely won’t make much progress in UT!

All of Western Civilization will have to decide how bad it has to get before we take a stand, if we ever do, against this ancient and brutal system of abject slavery, cynically masquerading as a “religion”

In this world, civilizations come and go. Like so many before, by our own choice, ours may well be going!

“In battle, it is not clever syllogisms that, in the third hour, keep reluctant nerves and weary muscles to their posts. The crudest sentimentalism about flag, country, or regiment will be of vastly more use!

We were told this long ago by Plato:

As the King governs by his executive, so Reason in man must rule the mere appetites by means of the ‘spirited element.’ The head rules the body, through the chest- the seat of magnanimity, of emotions- organized by trained habit into stable sentiments.

The Chest- Magnanimity and Sentiment- these are the indispensable liaison officers between cerebral man and visceral man. For, by his intellect he is mere spirit, and by his appetite mere animal

In its later years, our Civilization has produced what we may call: ‘men without chests.’

It is an outrage that they should be commonly spoken of as ‘intellectuals.’ This gives them the chance to say that any who dare criticize them, attack intelligence. It is not so!

It is not excess of thought, but defect in conceptive and generous emotion, that marks them out. Their heads are no bigger than ordinary. It is the insidious atrophy of their chests beneath, that makes them seem so!”

Ancient wisdom

“The dignity of man is not shattered in a single blow, but slowly softened, bent, and eventually neutered. Men are seldom forced to act, but are constantly restrained from acting. Such power does not destroy outright, but inexorably prevents fulfillment. It does not tyrannize immediately, but it dampens, weakens, and ultimately suffocates, until the entire population is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid, uninspired animals.”

19th Century wisdom from Alexis de Tocqueville

In our day, the “flock of timid, uninspired animals” has learned to love dependency more than freedom!