25 Feb 15

Blades for Rabbis!

“The pervasive expansiveness of the (Roman) Empire which we see today did not come about as a result of accident nor precipitous good fortune. These (Roman) warriors do not sit around congratulating themselves in the wake of every victory, nor are they idle in peacetime. Rather, they are constantly training and refining their warrior skills, so as to be ready at a moment’s notice.

Indeed, they seem to have been born with weapons in their hands!”

Josephus Flavius, circa 90AD

In Prague this week, and soon other European cities, rabbis from all over the Continent gathered for, among other things, the issuance of personal, fighting knives and training in their use in self-defense. No word on what kind/brand of knives.

This timid gesture toward the reality of smouldering anti-Jewish sentiment on the European continent has been made necessary by the universal disinclination of European governments to even acknowledge the issue, much less honestly confront it.

Since anti-gun laws in most of Europe, contemptuously ignored by Islamics (who disdainfully dare governments to do anything about it), make any kind of effective armed response to a lethal attack all but impossible, Jewish institutions in Europe have endlessly petitioned governments to allow them to have armed guards. Nearly all such requests have been scornfully rebuffed.

Being a “good victim” is apparently still your basic civic duty as an “enlightened” European. All Europeans have mysteriously lost connection with their majestic warrior heritage (see above).

And, they make poor poker players (see below)!

Before long, rabbis may be the only Jews left in Europe, the rest having fled to Israel!


“Poker is about personal discipline, calculation, but mostly Providence.

To bet on horses, dogs, and random lottery numbers, on a little ivory ball rattling around a roulette wheel, or on raindrops sliding down a windowpane is, at best, a delusional, romantic weakness. At worst, an addiction.

In poker, you must be persuaded that you have a special relationship with Fate, that you have been blessed and chosen. Against all evidence to the contrary, you have to be an incurable optimist.

Who believe that have little chance of winning.

Who don’t, have no chance!”

Poker Players’ Axiom