12 Feb 15

“When it bleeds, it leads.”

So goes the cynical cliche among modern “journalists”

Since BHO has never led, nor bled, I am astonished with his concise explanation as to why he believes the media are paying way too much attention to today’s pernicious threat from Islamic terrorists, and Vlad P’s slow-motion Blitzkrieg (in reverse) in Eastern Europe, when real threats, like “income inequality” and “global warming” are poised to exterminate us all!

Military cemeteries nationwide, and overseas, contain countless polished granite headstones, engraved with never-to-be-forgotten names of audacious and gallant men and women who did not hesitate to step up to the plate, face the enemy, and both led and bled, sacrificing their lives courageously, in order to preserve our precious freedom and liberty.

We are all able to sleep soundly, only because heroes like these, of all ages, all branches, all ranks, LEOs too, were (and are) fearless of becoming bleeders… even unto death!

What a country!

What a nation!

What a Homeland!

What a Republic!

But wait!

Today, our State Department ignominiously ordered proud US Marines guarding our (now abandoned) embassy in Yemen to submissively surrender their rifles and pistols (and dignity) to sleazy, snickering Yemeni rebels, before boarding a private plane to evacuate the country.

What could be more humiliating and abasing to (formally) dashing warriors in the (formally) majestic service of their country?

When they get back to CONUS, they’ll be even further humiliated when they learn that DOD doesn’t trust them with guns here either!

This is a sickening consequence of craven liberals being in charge!

We are valiantly defended by fearless leaders and bleeders,

… but sadly, not by “community organizers!”

“There’s a character trait that’s decided by fate
Comes sadly for many, too little, too late.
They won’t face the aggressor, stand up to his ire
They lack the will to fight fire with fire.

So, they bend over backwards to see all sides as ‘fair,’
Till they’re faced with dragon’s breath in his lair.
Like our brethren in France, who’d know better than we,
Yet seem never to learn, never to see.

Yes, it seems there are some who’re determined by fate,
To possess not the courage to step up to the plate,
Who shrink from all threat, because nothing’s worth war.
But how can they know, lest they’ve been there before?

Thank God some have courage, the will, yes, the grace,
To stand for the shirkers, stand strong in their place.
Thank God we have stalwarts who’ll stand for us all,
Who will rise to the challenge at their Nation’s call.

The faint-hearted, who fear, whose reaction is flight,
Have no comprehension of those who will fight.
To hide their own trepidation they attempt to demean
The rough men, who defend them, as barbaric, obscene.

Yet these rough men stand ready, hard weapons to hand,
To put the craven behind them, draw a line in the sand,
To preserve for cowards what they won’t defend,
So their own unearned freedom won’t perish, won’t end.

Earth is a desperate, terrible place
Where beauty and honor are quickly displaced
With filth and iniquity, enslavement for all
Lest the bold and audacious answer The Call”

Russ Vaughn, 2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment101st Airborne Division, Vietnam 65-66