18 Feb 15

“Unarmed” Forces:

From a proud father of an American Infantry Soldier:

“My son left for his assigned post today. Of course, he could not take anything along that might even resemble a weapon, including a utility knife. The Army has a training issue, that it is covering up with a manufactured ‘safety issue’ label, as I soon discovered!

Before he departed, we went shooting with one of his high-school classmates, who is also on active duty, now (supposedly) fully trained, and who is about to deploy to the Middle East.

My son indicated that he did not fully appreciate what he had learned during his Urban Rifle Course with you in 2104 until yesterday!

His friend, ostensibly ready for battle, had never learned to shoot and move, getting off the ‘X,’ nor shoot his AR from his support-side shoulder, nor how to shoot and reload with only one hand, nor how to transition from rifle to pistol and back, nor how to run an AK. He just wanted to leisurely shoot (and reload) while standing like statue.

I asked him what he was going to do when he got shot in one hand, and then had to reload. He stammered and said his buddies would cover for him. I said, ‘…and what if your buddies are all wounded and desperately depending on you to save them from a gang of Haji coming to chop off your heads?’

He shuffled, mumbled incoherently, and quickly changed the subject to the movies he want to see before he deployed.

I tried to show him some of the methods we learned during your Course, but he did not seem interested. Allowing his personal vanity to get the best of him, he replied, ‘… if any of that were any good, they would have shown it to us’

I replied, ‘… sounds like someone’s famous last words!’

For his sake, I hope his arrogance and naivety don’t prove fatal!”

Comment: We’ve created an unchallenged leftist political orthodoxy, within which fools have convinced themselves that the laws of the universe don’t apply to them, and our nanny-state does its level-best to dutifully protect them from logical consequences of their arrogant stupidity.

That “works,” of course, right up to the moment the Visigoths show up!

“Time is the fairest, and toughest, judge.”

Edgar Quinet