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More on Winter Weather

31 Jan 14 Additional on Winter Storms: From a friend in WI: “Winter conditions here are often life-threatening, because of the cold. Entire stretches of highway have been shut-down, often fifty miles or more. Sometimes, no one can get off for over half a day! Being thus stranded in a stationary car that is running […]

Ready or Not!

30 Jan 14 Individual Preparedness: This from a friend in Atlanta, GA: “Few locals were prepared for this weather! I personally witnessed several thousand people walking away from abandoned vehicles, on just one highway. Ice was an inch thick! I drove as far as I could yesterday morning, and then walked three more miles, all […]

Cop-Show Nonsense

23 Jan 14 TV LE “Dramas” These comments from a friend and LEO in PA: “Like you, I don’t I don’t watch a lot of TV, because it is typically so glib and intelligence-insulting, I can’t abide it! But, lately I’ve been watching several of the ‘new’ LEO dramas. It is almost universal, no matter […]


23 Jan 14 “Microstamping,” the new fraudulent way to de-facto ban private ownership of guns. Coming to a state near you? “Now, I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this: The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested […]

“Enemies of Humanity?”

22 Jan 14 Three days ago, the governor of the State of NY actually said, out loud: “… if that’s who they are, and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York” So, what are you going to do with all those pesky conservatives, who dare to […]

More on the SIG P320

21 Jan 14 More on the SIG 320: “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.” “Albus Dumbledore” (portrayed by Michael Gambon), in the 2001 feature film, Harry Potter Friends at SIG contacted me today with regard to my […]


20 Jan 14 SIG’s P320 “I have not ‘failed.’ I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work!” Thomas Edison As I indicated, SIG’s new P320 represents SIG’s first attempt at a polymer-framed, striker-fired, main-stream, duty pistol. Like S&W, SIG has been compelled to (belatedly) introduce this Glock-like product in order to remain competitive as a […]

2014 SHOT Show, Last Day

17 Jan 14 2014 SHOT Show, Final Day: The 2014 SHOT Show is now over. Mood was apprehensive, but upbeat. General consensus is that no federal gun legislation is likely during the balance of the BHO Administration. Interesting to see that there were a number of manufacturers of gun-making machinery represented, complete, in several cases, […]

SHOT Show, 3rd Day

16 Jan 14 2014 SOT Show, 3rd Day: A company called Tat-Jacket makes a wonderful product called the Sling Band-It. It is an elastic double-clamp that holds a rifle sling tight against the rifle for transport, but allows the sling to be instantly deployed. It is a clever and simple idea that I wish I’d […]

SHOT Show, 2nd Day

15 Jan 14 2014 Shot Show, Second Day: As I did last year, I stopped counting at fifty, or so, the number of companies purporting to manufacture ARs. Most actually just assemble them, but, in all fairness, most of them we see in Classes run well. CORE is a manufacturer who actually makes their own […]

SHOT Show, first Day

14 Jan 14 2014 SHOT Show, First Day: The Shot Show is again this year at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, with its never-ending ballrooms, as well as main convention halls, at two levels. The SHOT Show is now the fifth biggest trade show in the nation, eclipsed only by the Consumer […]

2014 SHOT Show, Media/Range Day

13 Jan 14 2014 SHOT Show, Media/Range Day The SHOT Show hosts a “Media Day” at a local range, so people from the gun press (for which I apparently qualify) can handle and shoot guns. There is a simultaneous and separate “Range Day|,” at a different local range, where military rifles and accessories were on […]

The Game!

12 Jan 14 “Don’t spend too much time reading our own press releases!” Political axiom “Positive outcomes don’t necessarily demonstrate superior play. Superior play will lead to positive outcomes more often than will poor play, but even poor players sometimes catch lucky. It is when you confuse catching lucky with playing well, that demons sneak […]

The Poorest of Examples!

8 Jan 14 “Quality” People in Government? A KY State Representative had an ND with her carry-pistol (Ruger LCP) inside her office, within the state capitol building, yesterday. No injuries, but too loud to be covered-up, which it surely would have been otherwise! Had you and I done precisely the same thing, we would have […]

Another Massacre!

7 Jan 14 Latest Massacre in the Mideast: On 2 Jan 14, heavily-armed Al Qaeda (Moslem) thugs attacked a hospital in Yemen. Latest count is fifty-two innocents, mostly medical personnel (many of them foreign), murdered via explosions and gunfire. Ten times that number wounded. The attack is reminiscent of another recently in Kenya. Moslem gunmen […]

Gun “Registration,” so “Common Sense!”

4 Jan 14 In 2008, Washington DC liberals passed an ordinance that required all privately-owned guns to be “re-registered” every three years. The ordinance is, of course, being challenged, but, as of 1 Jan 14, all guns that were already duly registered before 2011, must now be re-registered! Re-registration requires most of a day, payment […]

Pistol Calibers

2 Jan 14 “It all depends…” For my first Quip of 2014, I will talk briefly about trends in serious pistol calibers. When asked about pistol calibers and guns, and which is “best,” I’m reminded of this poetic advice given to aspiring poker players by one of my favorite authors on the subject, John Vorhaus: […]