4 Jan 14

In 2008, Washington DC liberals passed an ordinance that required all privately-owned guns to be “re-registered” every three years. The ordinance is, of course, being challenged, but, as of 1 Jan 14, all guns that were already duly registered before 2011, must now be re-registered!

Re-registration requires most of a day, payment of a fee, and a whole new “background check,” as well a fingerprints, etc. Naturally, a falter at any step makes one a criminal!

Many will find the whole process so onerous and inconvenient, they will regretfully elect to no longer be gun-owners. That, of course, is the whole idea!

To no one’s surprise, the mayor will, at some point, direct police to “round-up” all privately-owned guns, “just as a precaution,” because, once again, DC is playing host to a noted terrorist. After all, they know where all guns are, at least “legal” ones, don’t they? A year afterward, seized guns will still not have been returned, because of a “computer glitch,” or some other convenient pretext. Ask gun-owners in New Orleans if they ever got their confiscated guns back after Katrina in 2005!

The mayor’s political cronies and supporters will be, naturally, exempted. Imagine that!

This stuff is so predictable!

Amoral leftists, in and out of politics, have managed to purge personal honor from much of our culture. Anything goes! Their “new morality” is, of course, the “new immorality,” which is neither new, nor moral. Congress, and the Supreme Court, will continue to fail to protect us from these Constitutional criminals. They’ll find a way around it all, as they’re currently doing!

“I had sooner play cards against a man who was quite skeptical about ethics, but bred to believe ‘a gentleman does not cheat,’ than against an irreproachable moral philosopher who had been brought-up among sharpers”

CS Lewis