16 Jan 14

2014 SOT Show, 3rd Day:

A company called Tat-Jacket makes a wonderful product called the Sling Band-It. It is an elastic double-clamp that holds a rifle sling tight against the rifle for transport, but allows the sling to be instantly deployed. It is a clever and simple idea that I wish I’d thought of! The company is run by a CA cop who invented the product to solve the problem of dangling slings. I purchased several copies from him on the spot, at $10.00/set. Recommended!

The CEO of POF (Patriot Ordinance Factory) explained that his rifles feature an exclusive “grooved freebore” system that enhances extraction and prevents extractors from breaking in his gas-piston ARs. He surely makes beautiful guns, but some come with a bolt hold-open button that is within the trigger-guard, a “feature” that does not interest me!

ASP now has a 100 lumen flashlight “cap” that will fit on any existing ASP expandable baton, giving the baton a dual function. They also have an ingenious ball-point pen that has an integral handcuff key, so it can be used to unlock an double-lock handcuffs. I now have a copy!

DSA’s famous American-made FALs (308) are many and varied, but the best of the lot is the new “Vapor/Paratrooper.” It is wonderfully light, and the folding stock makes travel, even air-transport, easily done. All internals are treated with ROBAR NP3, a significant feature! At 2.5k, it is very competitive and represents an excellent choice for 308 fans.

My old friend, Dick Davis, inventor of soft body armor, and founder of its first manufacturer, Second Chance, is now the senior advisor to Armor Express, the company run by his son, Matt Davis. I saw Dick a the AE booth. For every-day wear, he recommends “Seraph,” Level II. It is extremely wearable. It is the one I have.

A company called Mylabradar is marketing a radar chronograph! The clearly represents the next generation in measuring bullet velocities. It will accurately measure the velocity of nearly any bullet, rifle or pistol, at any range (point-blank to 100m), in any lighting conditions, with no downrange components that can be damaged. At $500.00 per unit, this product will be extremely popular and will quickly replace conventional “sky-screen” technology!

At Blade-Tech, they’re making a straight-drop, Kydex holster that can be configured at the place of purchase for RH, LH, hip, appendix, OWB or IWB, all within minutes. Excellent way to get poeple geared-up quickly!

Otis, makers of gun-cleaning equipment, now make the “Bone,” a tool for scraping carbon off of AR bolts and bolt-carriers. Similar to the “CAT” Tool, but more compact. Otis is also making th “Rip Cord,” a semi-stiff bore snake for cleaning AR barrels. The two products combine to make a compact kit for AR maintenance in the field.

Good copies of Glocks, SIGs, M&Ps, XDs in Airsoft guns, have been hard to get recently. A company called Spartan Imports has a bunch on display, including the ones mentioned above. Excellent quality and in good supply!

Battenfield showed us an AR magazine charger that allows one to empty a box of 223 rounds from their factory container into the unit, then completely charge the magazine in less than two seconds! I can see this product saving many fingers. At less than $100.00/copy, it is destined for popularity!

Mantaia makes rubber suppressor sleeves that can be installed on suppressors, so they can be handled with bare hands when hot. This product will prevent many burn-marks on legs!

Finally, AE Light showed us a “Lantern head,” a small device that fits over a high-output flashlight bezel, converting the flashlight into a lantern that will light-up an entire room. I’m getting one!

Tomorrow is the last day! There are still a few more products and people I need to see.