30 Jan 14

Individual Preparedness:

This from a friend in Atlanta, GA:

“Few locals were prepared for this weather! I personally witnessed several thousand people walking away from abandoned vehicles, on just one highway. Ice was an inch thick! I drove as far as I could yesterday morning, and then walked three more miles, all in order to rescue a friend, his wife, and daughter after their car ran out of gas. They sat in their cold car for seventeen hours before I got to them. I brought them, and five other hungry, cold strangers to my house. Hope they can get out today.”

Comment: We all need “foul-weather go-bags” in our vehicles! Wool blankets, low-temperature sleeping bags, warm clothing, MRE or two, guns, ammunition, etc.

Most will do nothing to prepare for the next four-weather event (VBCs). But, the wise will!

“When winter comes, as winter must, we breath our last… and return to dust!”

Line from a Lutheran Hymnal