Monthly Archives: October 2013

Hunting Adventure!

30 Oct 13 Yesterday, at a private preserve in the Midwest, I shot and killed an 1,800-pound Water Buffalo! I used a borrowed Ruger bolt-gun in 416 Ruger caliber. Big rifle, and it functioned flawlessly! Express sights (iron). Hornady DGX (soft-point) ammunition. 400gr bullets! Stated muzzle velocity is 2,400 f/s, and they performed as advertised! […]

More on “NYC adventures”

29 Oct 13 More on “NYC adventures,” from a friend there: “CNN, forever apologizing for gaffes associated with anti-gun legislation, reported, incorrectly as always, that a man was recently arrested at JFK, attempting to ‘board a plane with (1) loaded and defaced rifles and (2) high-capacity magazines.’ Wrong on every count! When magazines are charged […]

Incomprehensible gun laws

28 Oct 13 A friend and lawyer in NY comments on NY’s new draconian, incomprehensible gun laws: “We lawyers deliberately make legal verbiage as difficult and tedious as possible, because: 1) It forces an extended time-frame for review, and guarantees unending litigation, keeping many erstwhile unemployed bureaucrats and legal staffs busy, producing no useful product, […]

Shooting Burglary Suspects!

24 Oct 13 I’ve been peripherally involved recently in several cases where homeowners shot burglary suspects who were attempting to break into a home. In some cases, the homeowner shot the suspect from the inside through a window or door. Much trouble, even on the criminal side, with these cases! Best advice is this: When […]

Gun Maintenance at the User-Level

22 Oct 13 From a friend with a large agency on the East Coast: “Many departments don’t like their officers cleaning their own pistols and rifles. In one in particular, guns are periodically turned-over for ‘dip-tank cleaning.’ Guns are ‘dipped’ into a tank containing some sort of solvent. Often, there is no follow-up! I’ve recently […]


21 Oct 13 From a friend in upstate NY: “Last week, a local warehouse went up in flames. Thick smoke could be seen for many miles! There was danger that the fire could expand and burn a quantity of toxic chemicals stored nearby. The result would have been a large volume of dangerously poisonous smoke. […]

Video of Kenya Massacre

19 Oct 13 The massacre at a Nairobi shopping mall in Kenya, Africa in September was partially recorded on security video cameras. Several segments were recently released. Terrorists, armed with Kalishnikovs, are seen casually shooting hapless, unarmed Christians and Jews. They are also seen rounding-up hostages, who would all soon all be hideously tortured and […]

Of “policy,” guns, and common sense

19 Oct 13 Anyone who has ever read the “manual” that comes with guns, chainsaws, lawnmowers, aspirin, toasters, or anything else dangerous, knows that new owners are highly discouraged from ever using the product at all, under any circumstance, and are further informed that, when anything bad happens as a result of such use, all […]


15 Oct 13 The “straight-finger” register position for the trigger-finger is the technique I learned over forty years ago. Today, we still teach students to keep the finger straight, in continuous contact with the firearm, and as high as they can get it. On ARs, and many other military rifles, the finger is lower than […]

Blackhawk’s SERPA holster, and the “C-Finger” technique

14 Oct 13 The SERPA holster is disliked by any number of individuals and institutions. They invariably cite safety issues, particularly the trigger-finger making premature contact with the trigger during presentation. By contrast, the SERPA also has many devoted fans who like its “active/automatic” retention. We see many in Courses, and I allow them and […]

Comments on the Kenya Massacre

8 Oct 13 Comments on the Kenya Massacre, from a friend in NY: “In reading the NY Times article, I was struck by a number of similarities to other incidents worldwide. Citizen trapped in the mall desperately texted fellow gun-owners, armed neighborhood-watch volunteers and off-duty LE associates, to come to their aid. They obviously knew […]

Gas-Adjustable Rifles

3 Oct 13 On many modern, gas-piston, gas-adjustable, military rifles, the ratio of gas that is vented to the outside, to that which goes directly into driving the piston, is adjustable. With powerful ammunition, a significant percentage of gas can thus be vented, as there is still more than enough left to run the piston, […]