24 Oct 13

I’ve been peripherally involved recently in several cases where homeowners shot burglary suspects who were attempting to break into a home. In some cases, the homeowner shot the suspect from the inside through a window or door. Much trouble, even on the criminal side, with these cases!

Best advice is this:

When a burglary suspect is attempting to force his way into your home, and you’re on the inside:

>Wait to shoot until he actually breaks something. Let him break the window, screen, door, etc. Broken things will be strong evidence in your favor, showing, among other things, a proclivity for violence on the part of the suspect.

>Use verbal commands when practicable. Upon discovering someone is actually home, many, probably most, burglary suspects will break it off and depart, having no interest in confronting an irate homeowner who may be armed.

>Have motion-lights all around your home. I know few burglary suspects who are inclined to stand directly under a floodlight while trying to force open a window! When lights come on, most flee.

>When compelled to defend yourself with gunfire, shoot with sufficient volume and accuracy to stop the threat quickly. The suspect(s) will likely run away, whether he has been hit or not. That is a good thing! Once the suspect(s) clearly no longer represents a threat, stop shooting! Don’t go looking for him! Don’t approach a downed suspect for any reason. Stay separated and call police.

>Don’t try to hold suspects at gunpoint until police arrive. Encourage them to run away, which they’ll likely be more than happy to do! Don’t stand between them and an exit. When all they want to do is leave, abruptly and immediately and without additional interaction, we will let them!

When you adhere to the foregoing, you’ll probably be on pretty solid ground. But, there are no guarantees! In the aftermath, make sure you have competent representation, an attorney who knows how to make things go your way.

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