14 Oct 13

The SERPA holster is disliked by any number of individuals and institutions. They invariably cite safety issues, particularly the trigger-finger making premature contact with the trigger during presentation.

By contrast, the SERPA also has many devoted fans who like its “active/automatic” retention.

We see many in Courses, and I allow them and think they’re fine, keeping the following in mind

Here is the issue:

The conventional straight-finger “register” position of the trigger-finger harmonizes well with the SERPA, as the holster’s release-button is correctly depressed with the flat of the fingerprint during presentation. That puts the trigger-finger in the correct orientation as the draw is completed.

However, the newer, “C-finger” register position not only does not work well with the SERPA. It creates a hazard. When the release-button is depressed with the tip of the angulated trigger-finger, the finger tends to enter the trigger-guard the instant it clears the holster. I’m persuaded that the foregoing is the proximate cause of most of the ADs associated with this particular holster.

So, when you embrace the “C-finger” technique, the SERPA holster is off-limits! Otherwise, it is no more, nor less, dangerous than any other quality holster.