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This additional from a friend in the LA area

30 Nov 12 This additional from a friend in the LA area: “Last year, our state legislature tried mightily to outlaw private possession of all ‘military rifles.’ The bill was dropped at the last minute. It was pointed out that our already-broke and deeply-in-debt state simply couldn’t afford to fight all the law-suits that would […]

Over the waterfall we go!

30 Nov 12 San Bernardino, CA’s City Attorney has just officially advised residents to: “Lock your doors. Load your guns” His stark warning was prompted by the City’s more-or-less permanent state of bankruptcy, and the fact that the PD, along with all other city departments and services, is being forced to drastically downsize. Not surprisingly, […]

Soft Body-Armor?

28 Nov 12 This subject often comes up too! “Should I invest in soft-body armor?” Here is my comment: Soft body-armor, invented in the 1970s by my good friend and colleague, Dick Davis, is intended to be worn over the t-shirt, but under the outer-shirt, so that it is not obvious to the casual observer […]


27 Nov 12 I’m asked frequently about a “full-auto” capability in a military rifle, and how important/desirable such an option really is. Not all states even allow “NFA” weapons in private hands, but most do, including mine. Of course, actually owning one requires a substantial paperwork exercise, but it can be done, and many do. […]

Comments on AR development

25 Nov 12 Comments on AR development, from friends in a position to know: “The AR painfully ‘evolved,’ rather than ‘was developed.’ It should come as no surprise that each step in its evolution was venomously resisted by the status-quo, and required catastrophic failures in the field (read that: Marines and Soldiers dying), and the […]

Safe Direction

25 Nov 12 Safe Direction My friend and colleague, Steve Camp, inventor of “Safe Direction” ballistic-containment systems, now has complete control of his product line. Safe Direction spent several months is limbo during a hostile takeover of Steve’s family business. However, Steve now has it back, this time permanently. Under the company name, Ravelin Group, […]

“The Watermelon Sale,” 4 July 1960 (Monday)

24 Nov 12 In the 1950s, the US Army’s rifle was the venerable gas-piston M14, the generational successor to the famous M1 Garand of WWII and Korea fame. The M14 was heavy and long, at least by today’s standards, but, like its two previous antecedents, it was a real rifleman’s fighting tool. Firing the 7.62×51 […]

Europeans and Guns, from a friend in UT

20 Nov 12 Europeans and Guns, from a friend in UT: “We worked with a German TV crew last week. When the subject got around to guns, all of them were astonished at the number and variety of guns that are privately owned here! Indeed, they were aghast in general at the degree of personal […]

Pistols firing “out-of-battery”

15 Nov 12 All reputable autoloading pistols are equipped with a spring-loaded plunger (or something similar), called a “disconnector,” the purpose of which is to prevent the pistol from firing “out-of-battery.” With all pistols, except those chambered for low-pressure calibers, barrel and slide must be firmly locked together while the barrel is pressurized. Once the […]


13 Nov 12 Anyone who doesn’t believe in “immaculate conception,” need only visit a typical high school. He’ll quickly discover such “miracles” are evidently happening on a daily basis! Likewise, a friend is involved in litigation surrounding a person who holstered his Glock pistol, and, as the pistol sat innocently there in his holster, untouched […]

“One-way” Holsters

13 Nov 12 Yesterday, a friend called my attention to a new IWB, kydex concealment holster, designed to minimize profile. It looked slick in the ad, but it is obviously “one-way!” By that, I mean, when using it, you may be able to draw your pistol quickly and smoothly, which is all wonderful, of course. […]

First American Veterans

11 Nov 12 The “Sword Hunt,” of Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1588, disarmed the Japanese nation. Reason given: “Widespread possession of weapons makes it difficult to collect taxes and tends to foment uprisings.” “There can be no proper relation between one who is armed and one who is not; nor is it reasonable to expect that […]

It’s just the beginning!

9 Nov 12 “If God doesn’t destroy the USA, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah the sincerest of apologies!” Billy Graham In the aftermath of Tuesday’s national election, my friends in the retail gun business are all telling me they are setting sales records for guns and ammunition! With good reason! Democrats are wasting no time […]

Disaster aftermath portrait, from a friend in NJ

6 Nov 12 Disaster aftermath portrait, from a friend in NJ: “My sister lives in NJ, a mile from the ocean. I’m here assisting/protecting her now. There is an inlet near her neighborhood that connects to the ocean. It swelled and overflowed with storm-surge and tides, flooding the entire neighborhood. Water levels varied, depending on […]

The “State of Jefferson”

3 Nov 12 Since the founding of our nation, many have lamented that no state was ever named after Thomas Jefferson, our third president, although the suggestion has come up several times. For example, the territory that eventually became “Colorado” was nearly named “Jefferson,” as was what today is the Texas Panhandle. Neither of those […]

Ready or not? It’s getting ugly in NYC, NJ Shore

2 Nov 12 In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s battery of the East Coast, things are not “getting back to normal” nearly as quickly as local politicians, and the media, would have us believe! There is general panic over the unavailability of fuel. Power is still off in large areas and will not be restored […]