30 Nov 12

This additional from a friend in the LA area:

“Last year, our state legislature tried mightily to outlaw private possession of all ‘military rifles.’ The bill was dropped at the last minute. It was pointed out that our already-broke and deeply-in-debt state simply couldn’t afford to fight all the law-suits that would predictably ensue, and which would probably be successful. In addition, there would be the cost of compensating existing gun-owners for forcibly confiscating their formerly-legal property, and that is on the optimistic assumption that it could all be done peacefully. Even Democrats conceded the entire scheme was impractical. It quietly went away!

Being bankrupt has positive aspects!”

Comment: Government waste may ultimately be a good thing! Like my friend, I’m glad we don’t get all the government we pay for!

“Amazing the way committed hoplophobes suddenly ‘see the light,’ but only after falling off their own mule, on the road to Damascus!”