30 Nov 12

San Bernardino, CA’s City Attorney has just officially advised residents to:

“Lock your doors. Load your guns”

His stark warning was prompted by the City’s more-or-less permanent state of bankruptcy, and the fact that the PD, along with all other city departments and services, is being forced to drastically downsize.

Not surprisingly, this is all taking place during a sharp increase in violent crime.

Imagine that!

Of course, guns residents are being advise to “load,” in an effort to “start protecting themselves” are highly restricted in CA. No statewide CCW permit system, so the vast majority of Californians can’t carry concealed in public, and remain within the law. And that is just the precious few guns that can be even legally purchased and owned in CA. Somehow, the City Attorney failed to address that issue! After decades of brow-beating citizens to never even think about doing anything for themselves, particularly with regard to personal security, with a straight face, this City Attorney now, with an unapologetic sneer, completely reverses himself!

This sad story is being repeated all over CA, and in most of the rest of the nation, and we’re currently seeing just the beginning! Cities, most states, and the worst offender of all, the federal government, have spent us into oblivion, using money they didn’t have, nor are ever likely to have. And not surprisingly, deficit spending continues at a breakneck pace, with few politicians and bureaucrats displaying the slightest interest in any species of restraint.

For one, I’m persuaded that virtually all elected officials are starkly aware of our debt problem, and have been for years, but only a minuscule minority have any real concern, crocodile-tear-jerking speeches notwithstanding. They know vast, radical, and extremely unpleasant and unpopular changes are just around the corner (already here for San Bernardino residents), and they figure they’ll remain on top no matter what happens. While the nation suffers, none of them plan on any personal suffering! You won’t see any voluntarily giving up chauffeured limousines, armed bodyguards, first-class junkets, nor a host of other tax-payer-funded perks!

So, long-suffering San Bernardino residents need to confront the fact that they’re on their own, just as their City Attorney has reminded them. Actually, they always have been. They’re only just now noticing!

Some may even reluctantly come to the conclusion that then need to stop worrying about CA’s restrictive gun laws (politicians sure don’t!) and do what they need to do to reasonably protect themselves.

I suspect these days fire extinguishers are currently in high demand in San Bernardino too!

“The law isn’t ‘justice.’ It’s an imperfect mechanism. When you press exactly the right buttons, and are also lucky, justice may show up. A ‘mechanism’ is all the law was ever intended to be.”

Raymond Chandler