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From a friend and student in Central America

31 Oct 12 These comments on customarily observed gun-handling, from a friend and student in Central America. He has been our student in TX, but currently lives with his family down South. “Your comments on willful unpreparedness begs this response: People here, in and out of government, have not the foggiest clue with regard to […]

Storm comments from a friend in northern NJ

31 Oct 12 Storm comments from a friend in northern NJ: “We didn’t receive as much rain as had been predicted, but we got some real strong winds up here! Power is still out. Many trees and wires down. Roads blocked. All that we go over in our Courses is unfolding, right before our eyes! […]

Palmetto State Armory

26 Oct 12 Palmetto State Armory “Awake the Iron” is the motto of Palmetto State Armory. It comes from, “Aur, Aur, Desperta Ferro!” the war-cry of Almogavars of Medieval Aragon (Spain) as they prepared their swords and spears for battle. They were mercenaries who fought Muslims during the re-conquest of Spain. PSA is located in […]

“I just want to be ‘safe!’”

25 Oct 12 “Americans are so enamored of ‘equality,’ that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom!” Tocqueville “If all Americans want is ‘security,’ they can go to prison. They’ll have enough to eat, a bed, and a roof over their heads. But, when an American wants to preserve his dignity […]

Weapon of Democracy

22 Oct 12 “The Rifle is the Weapon of Democracy.” Edward Paul Abbey At an Urban Rifle Course on the East Coast last weekend, I, as always, challenged students with: “How fast can you successfully engage that threat?” Go too fast, and you miss, and an opportunity is lost. Too slow, and you unnecessarily squander […]

Comments on Second Amendment

18 Oct 12 Comments on Second Amendment issues and the current Presidential Campaign, from a correspondent: “Neither party wants anything to do with this issue. It’s political poison that can only hurt them. They’re all terrified that it will cost more votes than it gains, no matter which side they take. BHO has well noted […]

Article Two

17 Oct 12 During last evening’s televised Presidential Debate, to my astonishment, Second Amendment issues actually saw the light of day, albeit for only a brief moment! A woman, part of a biased, liberal audience and obvious gun-hater, asked BHO about reinstating the 1994 WJC-era “assault-weapons ban,” which mercifully expired in 2004. As a Liberal, […]

“Advice to householders”

15 Oct 12 In the UK recently, a “reformed” criminal, now professing to be a clergyman, said on BBC/TV: “… people should just leave their homes and flee and allow burglars to take their stuff. By doing so, there will be no escalation of violence.” Wow! At that rate, none of us need imagine we’ll […]

Yet another sage observation on serious rifles

10 Oct 12 Yet another sage observation on serious rifles, from a colleague: “Mechanics, professional and hobby, draw a critical distinction between Sears’ Craftsman hand-tools and their competitor, Snap-On. Craftsman tools are excellent! Without the slightest quibble, Sears cheerfully and unconditionally replaces them when they break. Sears’ guarantee applies, without limit, even when the person […]


8 Oct 12 From a colleague: “The Stoner platform has become the winner in American ambits. It may not be a particularly superior design, and it probably doesn’t fire the most desirable cartridge, but, for private citizens especially, it’s what’s most available and least likely to go away. Kalashnikovs are fine, Niche weapons, such as […]

Comments from Instructors with regard to rifle utility

1 Oct 12 Comments from Instructors with regard to rifle utility: “Your student was saddled with a misconception of the degree of repeatability of point-of-impact that is reasonably needed for the kinds of situations we are training for. Your student has subsequently learned that our accuracy needs are well represented by ‘minute-of-felon,’ and that, in […]

Rifle “Accessories?”

1 Oct 12 At an Urban Rifle Course in NV last weekend, a student brought two Ruger Mini-14s, both equipped with a curious device called an “Accu-Strut.” First time I’d seen one! It is a otherwise-functionless metal rod, attached under the barrel between the front sight and the forend, via two screwed clamps. It does […]