26 Oct 12

Palmetto State Armory

“Awake the Iron” is the motto of Palmetto State Armory. It comes from, “Aur, Aur, Desperta Ferro!” the war-cry of Almogavars of Medieval Aragon (Spain) as they prepared their swords and spears for battle. They were mercenaries who fought Muslims during the re-conquest of Spain.

PSA is located in Columbia, SC, where I am right now, teaching Classes. I visited their retail store and indoor gun range today, and I got a chance to examine their flagship product, the PSA/M4.

Students are always asking about M4s they can pick up at attractive prices, from reliable sources. PSA’s version is $700.00! Nice rifle, with a lifetime warrantee, from as good company that will stand behind it.

In their retail store, they have optics, forends, slings, et al, anything one will need to get their rifle ready for serious duty.

It is hard to find an acceptable AR for under 1k. PSA, STS, and Windham Arms are currently doing it, and doing it well!

PSA is currently building 1k rifles/month, and all are sold before they leave the factory.


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